Tips for an enjoyable beach trip with the kids

With the summer holidays upon us and schools closed for the year, family trips to the beach are a great way to spend some quality time together.

But taking the kids to the beach, especially toddlers, is no simple task. There is so much to pack and a lot of planning involved just to make sure you all get there in one piece.

Here are a few easy tips to make your trip to the beach with your kids easier on you and a lot more fun for the whole family:

  1. Put sunscreen on your kids before you leave for the beach

Though some parents like to wait until they get to the beach, it’s best to put your kid’s sunscreen on as early as possible.The earlier you apply it the more time it will have to absorb into the skin. This will also mean you won’t have to worry about rubbing sand into their skin if you apply it at the beach.

  1. Invest in protective clothing

When playing in the sun and surf, parents need to protect as much of their child’s skin from harm as possible. In addition to sunscreen, parents should look into getting protective clothing for their children to wear to the beach; such as a rash-guard. This will help reduce the amount of sunscreen you need to use and also protect your child’s sensitive skin when playing with sand boards or boogie boards.

  1. Bring some shade of your own

For instant relief from the burning sand and hot sun, having your own little bit of shade can be a lifesaver. You can bring a big umbrella or a little tent so you can sit and enjoy a little snack or your kids needs to take a little nap.

  1. The miracle of Baby Powder

Ever been sand stuck in places and you can’t seem to rub it off? Try putting some baby powder over it! This miracle stuff will make getting rid of sand less of a nightmare for you and your kids. Buy a nice travel-sized supply and take it with you to the beach.

  1. Find yourself a sand-free beach bag

Avoid the trouble of bringing sand home in your bags. Buy yourself a mesh-like bag that you can fit all your things in. The sand will just slid right out after a few good shakes, and you don’t have to worry about wasting time cleaning it out like you would with other bags

  1. Timing is everything

The summer season is here, you can bet that flocks of people will make their way to the beach for some fun of their own. To avoid the crowds, and to make sure you have the best spot, make sure to get there as early as possible. The earlier you arrive, the more calm the ocean and the less hot the sun will be.

  1. Make sure you pack food and drinks

It goes without saying that when kids play and run around all day, hunger and thirsty comes along. You don’t want to walk for ages to look for a food vendor and then wait in line to spend who-knows how much on a snack. Have some treats and drinks prepared for your trip so you can save some money and time for yourself.


Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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