Peppy Precious and her shoe business

Peppy Precious, a twelve year old from Johannesburg, is a very entrepreneurial young girl. Peppy Precious is always coming up with new business ideas that she would like to try out.

She knows that if she can get one of her ideas going that she can put her thoughts into action and take the first step in her entrepreneurial journey.

Peppy Precious has not yet taken any of her ideas further than just a thought as she is always scared about actually getting started.

There is also always someone telling her that her ideas won’t work and that she should stop thinking of new ideas. Peppy Precious doesn’t let these people get to her and continues to think of new ideas.

She just needs to get going with one idea to prove to herself that she is capable of making her ideas work.

Peppy Precious’ idea is one that she has thought long and hard about; the idea has been milling around in her brain for weeks

Peppy Precious will often have an idea that she thinks is a good idea, but once she has been thinking about it for a couple of weeks she realises that it won’t work.

Peppy Precious knows that there are certain things that a business idea will need to have in order to ensure that it has a chance of success.

Firstly, the business must be capable of making a profit.

A very basic example of a profit is buying a good for R1 and selling it for R2.

This means that if Peppy Precious decides to buy goods from someone and then resell them to other people, she needs to be able to charge more than she paid for the goods.

If she does not then she cannot make a profit in her business and the business will not work.

Peppy Precious has realised that school shoes are very expensive in the shops and that a lot of children who attend school are unable to buy new ones; they have to wear worn out hand me downs from their older siblings. Peppy’s Precious has an aunt who makes shoes for her own children.

Her idea is to ask her aunt whether she can make more shoes that she can sell to other children.


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