Advertise with Kids Connection

Kids Connection has between 5 000 and 20 000 page impressions a month

The content of the website is a mix of articles and adverts. Through our website, clients receive a growing response each day.

To advertise call Graeme on 082 556 4043 or email


We are offer a 3 month marketing campaign using two great marketing products that will improve your brand and lead to sales.

Best of all, we do not want to be paid in cash for this marketing campaign we would like to receive R3 000 worth of vouchers

The campaign includes:

  • Article on your company
  • We will write a 300 word article on your business in general or on a specific element and place it on the Kids Connection website, Home Food and Travel weekly email newsletter and Facebook.
  • The article will have do-follow backlinks to your website. The article will contain your contact details with a digital citation.
  • The article will help to improve the SEO of your website.
  • The article will remain on Kids Connection indefinitely.


  • Bulk Email sent to our subscriber database of 24 000

We design, code and send the email.  The email may contain images, videos and links to online booking platforms or social media.

The email can include marketing information, requests for action or can be used for running a competition.


  1. Rotating advert on the Kids Connection website web site for 3 months

We will design and place a rotating advert on the top of the website that links to your website.

We will then sell these vouchers on our Bargain Buys website where we will embark on a whole new campaign to market your company. 

This campaign is highly effective and measurable.  When people redeem the vouchers you know that we have reached your target audience effectively.