Parent child relationship

OK let’s admit moms are the busiest beings in this planet trying to juggle this and that while the kids also demand affection and attention. IT IS NOT EASY!.However, in the midst of your busy, busy schedule as a mother  or a parent in general it is important to do this for your kids EVERY DAY to build a strong relationship with your child.

Let Go of the Guilt

Okay, maybe you haven’t been involved as much as you’d like to be in your child’s life but, STOP!, stop dwelling on how you’re not with your child and all that, instead think of ways to make your child forget that you were absent for a while.

For example: play and connect with your child, take him/her to the zoo when you can, put down your phone, turn off your iPad, stop loading the dishwasher when your child wants attention.


  1. Show physical affection.

If you don’t hug your child then someone else will!

Hugs mean a lot to children than what you think, it  really connects you and your kids no matter the age. Hugging is the best way to show physical affection for your child.


  1. Be kind.

All parents love their children, there is not doubt about that, but proving a point all the time while forgetting to be kind doesn’t feel very loving. Try to be kind even when you are disciplining your children.


  1. Use loving words. says, “A mother’s words are powerful!” which is very true and any person would tell you a thing or two that was once said by their mother.

Mothers, do your best to make sure that most of what you say to your children conveys your love and acceptance. Compliments can boost their confidence too.


  1. Discipline calmly.

Screaming at your children might seem like the best and affective way of discipline but it’s really not. Discipline is best affective when done with calmness and a bit of firmness instead of harshness.


  1. Laugh with your child.

Setting boundaries on who is a parent and who is a child is okay but a good parent relationship needs a dose of levity. A big of laughter and a tickle won’t do no harm but will create a strong bond and a good child-parent relationship.


Article by: Afikile Lugunya

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