Top Holiday Activities

Top Holiday Activities

Holiday activities

Holiday activities benefit children in many ways. It gives a child an opportunity to express themselves, and it allows them to discover themselves and build self-esteem.

Playing is a crucial part of childhood as it helps kids learn patience, improves their problem-solving skills and encourages creativity. Spending time playing with your child also reinforces to them that they are loved and appreciated.

Holiday activities teach children to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make decisions. They can also set the course for what your child becomes later in life as they often turn into lifelong interests or careers.

While engaging in activities, children need to gather a lot of information about them. For example, for gardening, they will need to know about the types of soil, types of plant, types of manure, seasons during which specific plants flower, etc. Such information gained expands children’s knowledge.

I’m booored”. Parents know these dreaded words all too well, so this holiday season make sure you’re prepared for battle with a list of screen-free activities that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained and happy during their time off

Animal Care

Top kids holiday activities

Kids can be encouraged to do volunteer work at animal shelters. They can also build birdhouses and birdfeeders with water for birds and animals, especially during summers. Caring for animals and making them aware of animal rights can positively influence the kids.


holiday activities

Kids may enjoy taking up gardening as a hobby. Not only do they get a chance to dirty their hands while dealing with mud but planting a seed and watching it sprout can be absolute magic!


Scrapbooking is a great hobby to build a creative side in the kid. It will teach them to analyze the importance of incidences and people. More so, it will give them a sense of reflection. Scrapbooking requires skill and patience, both of which are great if imbibed at an early age in the kid.

Go Swimming

Holiday activities

Swimming lessons provide a fun and non-traditional opportunity for children to interact with their peers. They get to make new friends outside of school, which teaches them invaluable social skills and can provide an increased sense of confidence.

Go for a Bike Ride

Bikes and childhood go hand-in-hand. From your kid’s earliest tricycle to training wheels to finally cruising around on two wheels, riding a bike is a rite of passage nearly all children experience.

Plan a farm visit

Old school? Yes, it is not a unique activity but it never goes boring. You can do lots of activities in a farm, ride horses, feed goats, watch the ducks fall in line and dive in a nearby river.

 Visit a Theme Park

If you think visiting a theme park only benefits children, you’re wrong. According to many clinical psychologists, spending a good amount of time at a theme park could actually improve your physical and mental health, regardless if you’re a fully grown adult or a child. Whether it’s an outdoor, indoor, water, or dry theme park, these are the eight greatest benefits of visiting a theme park for both children and adult:

Hold a cupcake/cookie decorating competition

Cutting the cookies is so much fun, and you can get your kids in on it too. A cupcake or cookie decorating competition is the perfect way to keep the kids amused for a few hours AND sort afternoon tea.

Have a craft day/DIY experiments

Holiday activities for kids

Do you have a crafty kid? Encourage the child’s creative spirit with these fun ideas for making. With just a few inexpensive crafts supplies, you’ll be giving your child the tools he needs to spark imagination and creative play. Craft on!

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