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Many children have a misconception about preparing for a Maths test or exam. You can’t study if the teacher will change the numbers of the sums covered in class, right?!

Study the Formulas, Know the Rules

The truth is that the actual content that needs to be committed to memory is far less than for a content-based subject such as History. However, a child would not be able to come up with the Pythagoras theorem on their own in a test or exam. This needs to be memorised in advance. If a child is uncertain whether x plus x = x2 or x times x = x2, he or she has no chance of being able to solve algebraic equations based on this rule.

Keep a Record

Encourage your child to keep a record of rules, formulas and theorems. This is will be the summaries which need to be memorised prior to a test or exam. Once all the learning content is summarised, it reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed prior to a test or exam.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Previous test or exam papers with detailed answer keys are the best way of testing whether a child understands all the concepts covered and whether the rules and formulas are applied correctly. If a child does not have access to a detailed answer key, he or she has no way of knowing where they made a mistake or trace back their steps.

Success in Maths is based on consistent effort and doing as many examples as possible to reinforce a concept. In a nutshell, yes, Maths is indeed a learning subject!

Kip McGrath Education Centres Walmer offers a study skills course to help children and parents address the entire process of studying.

Chrizelle Prinsloo is the owner of Kip McGrath Education Centres, Walmer.  She has a background in psychology and has taught in mainstream and special-needs schools both locally and abroad. Chrizelle is passionate about helping children gain confidence in their own abilities and about finding different ways to help them learn.

Contact Chrizelle on 081 707 9822 for a FREE assessment.

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