The Galileo Open Air Cinema continues drive-in magic moments all winter

Galileo Open Air Cinema

The Galileo Open Air Cinema is proud to announce that ‘seasons’ are a thing of the past. Now open year-round, you no longer need to wait for the summer months to watch your favourite flicks outdoors at some of the Mother City’s most picturesque venues.

Oh, boy – that word alone ‘bioscope’ just makes one realise your age, doesn’t it? Movies have been a part of our South African lives since the early 1920s, kicking off with The British Bioscope in the neighbourhood of District Six. And, when the Goodwood Drive-in opened in the 1960s, we loved the new exciting way to watch our favourite actors on the screen. 

Tucked into our cars, our parents passing snacks and drinks to us in the back, where we lay back on our pillow and blankets from home, we thought that life couldn’t be any sweeter.  While we mostly didn’t notice the often-scratchy sounds coming from the clip-on window speaker, we did notice all the other families around us enthralled by the big-screen fantasies.

Sadly, the drive-in closed in the 90s, and it has only been since this year that we have been able to take a trip down memory lane with the Galileo Open Air Cinema Drive-In. I lie … there have been a few other drive-ins along the way, but no one quite got it as right as Galileo!

While a little more modernised, the drive-in experience is still up there with swirly ice-cream cones and ice skating.  In fact, with all the online tech and instant gratification of social media, it is nice to take a moment to enjoy just one thing with no interruption from the doorbell ringing, the TV blasting in another room, or your kids shouting at their gaming friends.

And, that is where I found myself and my family one Saturday night – on our way to a movie.  My son asked a million questions as we drove, mostly about the movie itself, but once we arrived, pulling up to the friendly hosts, handing us pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate in a mug, his questions changed.

“Mom, are we really going to stay in our cars and watch the movie?”

“How will we hear the movie?”

“Will I be able to see the screen properly?”

And, the favourite that brought smiles to our faces  – “Can I really eat in the car?”

We were marshalled into our parking spot, deciding to face forward as opposed to reversed in, which is an option; we switch off all our lights diligently as requested and get ready.  Getting ready is simple, really.  Turn the radio on, adjust to (in this case) 108FM and wait for the movie to start.

Pizza eaten, popcorn devoured, and we are all entranced by the big screen in front of us, forgetting that we are sitting in our car and not in a movie theatre.  Sure, we didn’t have surround sound and big bucket seats. Still, we were all together as a family, socially distanced from everyone else (which sadly is necessary) and loving the experience.

It was a surreal moment for my husband and me, remembering many moons ago when we went with our parents and then later with friends and boy/girlfriends. With no memory to call on for my son, this was a brand new experience, one that we hope will stay with him forever.

Overall, it was a very smooth and well-orchestrated operation – the movie started on time, pre-empted with adverts and trailers, and we were snug and warm as a bug in a rug.

Thank you, Galileo, for an unforgettable experience!

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The Galileo Open Air Cinema is perfect for families

Get ready for themes like ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Christmas in July’, which offer plenty of excuses to dress up, deck out your car and tap into the festivities. Each screening will also give movie-goers the chance to win a mystery prize for whoever has added a little extra effort and sparkle into their family fun or date nights. 

The Galileo Open Air Cinema’s drive-in option provides an evening of fun for family and friends, with a range of movies to suit all ages and interests, as well as a safe environment in current Covid times. Create your own social bubble and invite the people you want inside of it! Think date nights, birthday bashes, book clubs and family reunions.

Previously weather-dependent, the other positive of this year-round evolution of your favourite outdoor cinema now means that come rain, sunshine or snow – the show will go on! Cosy up with blankets and convert your boot into your own private snuggle pad.  

With screenings every week, your weekend plans will no longer include being stuck indoors and doing the dishes but instead heading for your closest drive-in venue for an unforgettable movie experience.

To find out more about The Galileo Open Air Cinema, give them a call on +27 (0) 71 471 8728 or email Visit their website today. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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