St Dominic’s Priory School Port Elizabeth is a leading independent Catholic school

St Dominic's Priory

A high rate of progression with high test scores is one evidence that students at St Dominic’s Priory School in Port Elizabeth have strong academic skills and the school is doing an excellent job at supporting academic growth. The school strives to develop each pupil holistically.

Radiating the fine traditions of Catholic schooling, St Dominic’s Priory School was established at the merging of former top Port Elizabeth schools – the Marist Brothers’ College, Holy Rosary Convent, St Dominic’s Priory School and the then Trinity High.

Today, it’s a leading Catholic, independent co-educational school catering for children from Pre-Grade R (4 turning 5 years old) to Grade 12.

While embracing modern scientific discovery and technological invention, the school remains rooted in its Catholic foundations – the belief that faith is integral in shaping character and discipline in children as future leaders of society. It is this duty of providing a solid Christian formation on Catholic principles that gives the school its distinctive identity. 

Reception Phase (Grade Pre-R and R)

Enrolling your child at the St Dominic’s Priory Reception Phase is the ideal route for many parents. At this formative stage, teachers mould a child’s attitude to school through structured play in a purpose-driven, loving, and happy environment.

As a parent, you can follow your child’s progress through reports of skills, abilities and milestones achieved. Parents and teachers work together to help each child achieve to the best of their ability.

Grade R falls under the ambit of the National Curriculum and the CAPS curriculum forms part of their learning. The Pre-Grade R and Grade R subjects include Maths; Literacy; Life skills; Religious Education; Class Music; Movement; Art and Computer lessons. They also do Action Sports and Core Junior each week.

Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3)

St Dominic’s Priory lessons exceed the minimum CAPS requirements and provide much enrichment preparing them for IEB exams in the higher grades. Parents and teaching staff often engage and supportive interventions are put in place where necessary.

Like at many of the best independent schools in South Africa, in Grade 3 pupils do a benchmarking assessment of Core Skills in Mathematics and English or the newly introduced Reasoning paper(provided by the IEB). St Dominic’s Priory School results usually exceed the national and international averages.

Subjects offered include the ones mentioned above plus Physical Education and NeuroNet. School extra-murals include Chess; Choir; Tennis; Cricket; Soccer; Hockey; and Swimming. Private extra-murals are available at a fee and include Young Engineers; Soccer Stars; Tennis coaching; Experi-buddies; Sandula Kids and Judo.

Intermediate & Senior Phase (Grade 4-6 & 7)

Stimulating curiosity is the order of the day in this phase. Pupils are given wide exposure both in and outside of the formal curriculum. A correct foundation is laid for senior grades and the ultimate external exam at the end of Grade 12.

As in Grade 3, the Grade 6 pupils do a benchmarking assessment of Core Skills in Mathematics and English (this is provided by the IEB). St Dominic’s Priory school results have often exceeded the national average.

There are eight learning areas in Grade 7: Languages; Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences; Technology; Economic and Management Sciences; Creative Arts; and Life Orientation.

GET and FET Phase (Grade 8-12)

Subjects become more specialized and subject teaching by subject specialist teachers is the norm from Grade 8. St Dominic’s Priory School has an array very well qualified and dedicated teachers in every phase.

St Dominic’s Priory School offer psychometric testing (scholastic aptitude tests and interest profiles) to all pupils in Grade 9 in order to inform the process of choosing subjects for the last phase of schooling. In addition, all our Grade 9s also participate in international benchmarking tests in Mathematics and English offered through the IEB. The schools results compare very favourably with the international and the national participants. For the most part averages are exceeded

St Dominic’s Priory School is informed by CAPS, IEB and National Senior Certificate requirements and report accordingly. The exit exam is external and they have to comply with laid down requirements. Work that has been done before in all the phases helps to build the capacity of pupils to excel and achieve an excellent Matric result. Support, extra lessons and recommendations to parents and pupils for improvement are applied where expectations are not met. The Matric Certificate reflects the candidate’s results as a Bachelors, Diploma or Higher Certificate Pass. St Dominic’s Priory School has proudly maintained a 100% pass rate for a number of years.

Visit their website for more information.

Sports and Culture are also major components of learning at St Dominic’s Priory School. For more information, visit here and here.

To enrol your child at St Dominic’s Priory, apply HERE. Alternatively, call 041 396 2800 / 041 396 2801; email:  or visit Godlonton Avenue, in Miramar, Port Elizabeth. Find their location on Google Maps.

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