CodeABot offers coding for kids

CodeABot - Education - Port Elizabeth

There are very few schools that offer computer coding for kids.  To my mind this is wrong as almost everything we use today needs coding. 

From smart phones to manufacturing robots to websites, they all need coding.  So too do the less obvious like motor cars, refrigerators, elevators, traffic lights and just about everything that uses electricity.

At Kids Connection we cover a huge range of extra-mural activities and I am very pleased that we now have some information on coding for kids to offer parents.

There is a huge need for people with coding skill and it should be part of a school’s curriculum.  I’m not the only parent who believes this.  There are thousands of online searches each month for places that offer coding for kids.

Enter CodeABot

CodeABot - Education - Port Elizabeth

CodeAbot is based in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth and offers beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in coding.

Owner, Natasha Saunders, says “We have chosen to teach kids coding through robotics as children feel most comfortable when learning with tangible objects.  Many of the robots are made from Lego to which most kids have some form of affinity.  The progression from building fun objects to coded robots is an easy step.”

Natasha has a passion for teaching with years of experience in crèches, schools and FET colleges.  She has also home schooled her three daughters until grade five and has run her own educational institute for training domestic workers.

“I learnt that a class room is not always the best place to teach and that a teacher can sometime just get in the way of learning,” adds Natasha.

“We are often not aware that a child may have an ability that doesn’t fit in with standard school teaching and it has always been my passion to assist these kids,” she continues.

After her many years of adventure in teaching, administration and community work, Natasha founded her coding and robots school.

Natasha says, “Two of my passions are coding and robotics engineering. I have coached robotics competition teams for three years and my teams have represented the Eastern Cape at the National, First Lego League Competition and were then selected to represent South Africa at the International All African Challenge.”

The natural progression was starting CodeABot Robotics and Coding Centre.

Coding for kids

CodeABot - Education - Port Elizabeth

CodeABot  has an incredible range of robots with which kids can work.  Coding of these robots starts with “Drag and Drop” instructions and eventually progresses to script coding.

“The kids use a whole range of coding techniques and are encouraged to experiment.  By the time they get to tertiary level coding they will not be resistant to learning anything new,” says Natasha.

I spent some time walking around the centre and watching the kids.  What an incredible learning centre.  The kids wanted to be there and the environment is fun and happy.

The school is located above De Witt optometrists at 282 Cape Road, Newton Park.  Visit their website here.  Call for more information on 083 654 0491.

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