Graeme Whale Golf offers top-class golf lessons for kids in Port Elizabeth

Graeme Whale Golf

Graeme Whale Golf in Port Elizabeth offers top-class golf lessons for kids aided by an expert tutor, special clubs, balls and other facilities in a safe environment that is conducive to learning the game.

Why kids can benefit from golf? Golf lessons for kids have been shown to have enormous benefits for children – skills that they will keep into their adult lives. This is because golfing requires them to constantly learn, practice and polishing their swing.

There’s so much children can learn from the game on a physical, social and emotional level – golfing is great exercise, is a non-contact individual or team sport and can be humbling. No doubt, kids will take these skills beyond the fairways.

Consequently, Graeme Whale Golf is the best place to realise the benefits of junior golf. The club is the realisation of Graeme Whale’s dream after over 30 years as both an amateur and professional golfer.

Graeme Whale Golf

Graeme Whale Golf Junior Golf Programme

Today, he shares his experience and skill with newbies and experienced golfers alike. Graeme Whale Golf, which is associated with leading brands like Vodacom and Tavcor VW as well as St Georges Prep & Primary and Theodor Herzel Primary, offers several packages for families, individuals, ladies and schools. 

The Junior Golf Programme is where they offer golf lessons for kids. Your kids are introduced to the game of golf in intimate classes of eight kids per group. Here, they will learn the basics of golf – grip, stance, swing and finish. Importantly, kids will learn how to conduct themselves on the greens – the manners and etiquette of golfing.

Graeme Whale Golf go out of their way to make it a fun and exciting environment where your kids will develop their personalities, improve self-confidence and self-discipline.

In conclusion, there are just too many reasons to play golf and you are looking for golf lessons for kids in Port Elizabeth, start your search at Graeme Whale Golf.

Call 083 228 8338; email or visit the Port Elizabeth Golf Club, Westview Drive, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, today. Alternatively, get in touch with them via their Facebook page HERE.

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