Youth Cricket Academy – professional cricket coaching for your kids

Youth Cricket Academy Walmer

Youth Cricket Academy (YCA) in Walmer, Gqeberha, has become a prominent institution that provides professional coaching and facilities to aspiring young cricketers.

Founded in 2001 by Glenn Bester, Youth Cricket Academy’s primary mission is to enhance the skills, harness the talents and build the self-confidence of aspiring cricketers, enabling them to excel in the sport.

Youth Cricket Academy cricket coaching programs

At the Youth Cricket Academy, professional coaching forms the cornerstone of its programs. Highly experienced coaches guide young cricketers through various training modules designed to enhance their skills and technique. The academy caters to different age groups and skill levels.

When you enroll your child for the Pre-School cricket development programme, you can expect your pre-schoolers to master critical cricketing skills such as fielding and catching; throwing and bowling as well as batting from a young age.

The Primary School programme is designed for kids in Grade 1 to Grade 7. It aims to improve any cricketer – from the weakest to the strongest, giving them the technical ability, confidence and maturity to succeed at whatever level they wish to play!

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for talented kids to be awarded sports-related bursaries to study at some of the best schools/universities with opportunities to play for some of the best cricket clubs. Youth Cricket Academy’s High School programme is designed to help your child to be in a space where they can potentially be spotted by talent scouts.

Youth Cricket Academy facilities

To enhance your kids’ cricketing skills, the academy has facilities and the best resources for skill development. The academy boasts two well-maintained cricket fields, eight concrete nets, and six grass nets, offering ample practice opportunities for its students.

These top-notch facilities are also available for kids’ gatherings such as birthday parties, cricket festivals, soccer, school outings and team-building events.

Reviews from parents

“I’d recommend Coach Glenn and his team at YCA to anyone in PE who wants their kid to take their game to the next level. My son enjoyed his time there thoroughly, including the private coaching, Saturday matches and Holiday festivals (which my little daughter also took part in)” wrote René Hicks HERE.

Nox Mshumpela added; “Awesome place that actively nurtures kids talents in Cricket. I’d recommend the academy for all parents who want to nurture and groom their kids’ talent.”

“Very nice place to be and your children can learn a lot about cricket don’t hesitate to phone GLEN BESTER to find out more about youth cricket academy,” said Darius van Rooyen.

Overall, the Youth Cricket Academy in Gqeberha is a premier institution for young cricketers aspiring to excel in the sport. With its dedicated coaches, state-of-the-art facilities and emphasis on holistic development, the academy offers an ideal environment for nurturing talent and instilling valuable life skills. Enrol your child in the Youth Cricket Academy today and witness their journey towards cricketing excellence.

Youth Cricket Academy is located between 10th & 11th Avenue, Villiers Rd, Walmer, Gqeberha. Here is their location on Google Maps. For bookings, call +27 (0) 41 581 2806 | +27 (0) 83 650 3370 or email visit them online at today. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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