St Dominic’s Priory School continues its proud tradition of Catholic ethos and high academic standards

St Dominic's Priory School matrics

St Dominic’s Priory School is an independent, co-educational Catholic School, for pupils from Pre-Grade Pre-R to Grade 12. The school was founded in 1900 and has long remained one of Port Elizabeth’s top schools.

The school is situated on the north facing slopes of Walmer Downs and the historic buildings may be seen from across the city.  Set in mix of woods and parkland, there is an immediate sense of neatness, pride and care when entering the gates of this very attractive school.

History of St Dominic’s Priory School

St Dominic’s Priory School is the Alma Mater of pupils from Marist Brothers’ College, Holy Rosary Convent, Trinity High and, of course, St Dominic’s Priory.

These schools were located throughout Port Elizabeth but amalgamated over the years. Holy Rosary Convent, Marist Brothers College and Priory High merged to form Trinity High School in 1983 – for boys and girls. A Junior School continued to exist at the Priory.

In 2000 all the schools joined into one at the current St Dominic’s Priory.

The school celebrates its history in the names of their school houses: Marcellin (for the founder of the Marist Brothers), Rosary (for the Holy Rosary Convent) and Trinity (for the amalgamated school).


St Dominic’s Priory School never loses sight that it is a Catholic school and the Catholic ethos runs through every vein of the school.  Despite its strong Catholic influence, St Dominic’s Priory School is also the proud home of scholars from other denominations and faiths.

The school is a member of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) with examinations of their National Senior Certificate written at the end of Grade 12.

Throughout their school career scholars are prepared for their matric examinations. Grades 6 and 9 write international bench-marking exams in Mathematics and English through the IEB to ensure their standards are relevant.

St Dominic's Priory School

Progress in studies is tested throughout each term and examinations are held in June and November for pupils from Grade 5 to 12.

All marks for pupils from Grade Pre-R to Grade 3 are based on continual assessment throughout the year.

Extra lessons for Grades 3 to 12 in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans are offered free of charge to those who might need.

Culture and Sport

The school, as part of its holistic approach to education, offers art, drama, music and chess.  There is a strong emphasis on music. A wide variety of instruments are taught and music, as a school subject, also is offered.  There are a variety of choirs, bands and ensembles which receive enthusiastic participation from pupils.

Grades 4 to matric do one summer and one winter sport with grade 3 doing some sport after school and the younger grades during school hours.

St Dominic's Priory School

The traditional summer sports of Cricket and Swimming are on offer as well as the winter sports of Hockey and Soccer. Tennis is played throughout the year.  Grades 8 to 12 also have the added options of water polo and equestrian sports.

St Dominic’s Priory has built a reputation for producing well rounded, academically successful and community orientated individuals for 120 years.  It can be proud of its achievements.

For more information on the school, click here to visit their website. Call them on 041 396 2800 or email  The school may be found at Godlonton Avenue, Miramar, Port Elizabeth or click here to find them on Google Maps

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