Looking for unique wall art?

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Sistermoon offers a diverse, fun collection of affordable wall art prints, to do just that.

 All are of original illustrations, done by local artist\illustrator Petra Gevers.

There are a variety of ranges, some fun and quirky, some humorous and others more whimsical.

Children’s wall art

Some are specifically for children, such as the fairy range. This group currently comprises 14 different fairies, with two more on the way.

wall art fairies

Although they are sweet and traditionally fairy like in some respects, they are also a little unconventional, the artist wanting to imbue each character with some humour and their own distinctive personality. So some are very feminine, others more naughty looking or even tomboyish. Attention has been given to detail, giving them all their own little story.

Another collection, called the Fun Prints, have a very different style. They consist of quirky hand drawn, cartoon like images, in combination with a funny, thought provoking sayings, all following a specific theme.

The idea being that the more we have or do one thing, the more this leads to something else.

So for example one would say, “the more explore wonder of world, the more never get old”

The images in this range might look deceptively simple, but were actually the end result of much thought and contemplation by the artist.

It is important to her to capture an essence of something and illustrating it in its simplest, clearest form, always with humour included.

Although this range of 24 pictures is aimed primarily at adults, quite a few are suitable for children as well. They work particularly well in a group, complementing or contrasting with each other.

There are some funny animal illustrations, which are suitable for boys or girls.

These come in bold, bright colours.

Local Heroes range of wall art

A very popular range is the one of Local Heroes. This is a small group, currently depicting Madiba, Desmond Tutu, Johnny Clegg and Siya Kolisi.

Although Madiba and Tutu specifically, are larger than life icons, the artist still has fun with them, trying to balance gravitas with humour in these caricatures.

These prints are particularly in demand as presents for friends and family living abroad.

Other ranges are a little more traditional, of local birds and botanicals.

There are new ranges in the pipeline and existing groups are continually added to.

Almost all, with the exception of 8 fun prints, are available in both A3 and A4 size.

They are high quality digital prints, on 250g art grade, acid free paper, ensuring longevity.

They are also available as gift cards with plans to print some on linen as larger wall hangings.

“There is very little in this world, which can’t be improved with a good dose of humour and sense of fun”, says Petra, which is exactly what these pictures are all about.

Find Sistermoon at www,sistermoon.co.za and on Instagram @sistermooncraft

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