Port Elizabeth Montessori School gives kids the educational grounding they need for life

Port Elizabeth Montessori School - Education - Port Elizabeth

Montessori School, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Established in 1995 as a way to encourage children to love learning, the Port Elizabeth Montessori School has a rich and proud history of helping children from toddlerhood and up.

With more than 25 years of experience, they have continued to grow and expand in order to provide a truly holistic educational experience.

The PE Montessori School is a learning community that operates on authentic Montessori principles. They have three cornerstones which form the foundation of all learning experiences in their school; show respect at all times, take responsibility for yourself and act with kindness.

Learn to love learning at PE Montessori School

Diversity, co-operation, respect, understanding and acceptance are just some of the aspects that the PE Montessori School aims to create in their environment. They also aim to provide a solid academic foundation throughout all aspects of learning.

They have classrooms for toddlers, pre-school and primary school children, as well as outdoor facilities to keep the children energized and entertained during their breaks. They also have a teacher training centre for aspiring Montessori teachers to learn and grow.

The school has also expanded their physical education programme to ensure that their students not only improve their minds but their physical well-being as well.

Expansion into a Cambridge / Montessori Middle School (12 to 15 years) is currently underway in partnership with Generation Schools.

To find out more about the Port Elizabeth Montessori School, give them a call on 041 581 3057/041 581 3106 or email info@pemontessori.co.za. Visit their website at www.pemontessori.co.za. Find them on Google Maps.

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