MommaMia – finally, a parenting app for South African parents!


Previously, they would say; ‘Welcome to parenthood – good luck!’ That has changed with MommaMia a South African parenting app that is making parenting easier.

The MommaMia app has everything to unlock the potential in your child. It works on both iOS and Android devices providing activities that address the child’s developmental areas ranging from gross and fine motor skills development to enhancing cognitive and language skills.

“It focuses on sensory stimulation as well as the integration of self-help activities needed for daily living,” says Corien Kruger. She conceptualised the app following her own parenting journey with her daughter, Mia, and son, Janno.

“It further guides both the parent and teacher to incorporate emotional interaction and bonding as part of the developmental process. Each activity is graded to simplify and enhance the natural innate capacity of every child and is individualised to meet each child’s specific needs.”

Kruger is a qualified Occupational Therapist with more than a decade of experience in the field of Paediatrics.

“I recognised the great need of parents to understand the principles of development and to gain the knowledge to apply these enjoyable practices at home while treasuring moments of playful time with their children,” she says.

“We are in it to influence it…developing young minds to become the self-motivated and inspired innovators of the future. Everything a child needs to reach their full potential is already on the inside of them.”

Kruger adds that the app’s secret lies in harnessing that individual potential by applying the right developmental activities at the right age and in the right sequence, which is an essential component to build a structurally sound foundation for future scholastic performance and life skills. 

“MommaMia holds the key to playfully unlock and develop the genius that is within every child, with demonstrable long-term benefits.”

The MommaMia app is designed to be an easy, simple and fun programme for parents, grandparents and nannies. Teachers can benefit from the MommaMia Curriculum that is currently endorsed by SA Childcare to provide a well structured, therapeutically designed school program for babies and toddlers that address all the developmental spheres of the child’s life.

Reviews by MommaMia app users

“This App and combined program has the potential to positively shape tomorrow’s generation. Life starts in the womb and one of the best gifts you can give your child is the insights shared in this MommaMia package,” wrote Angelique Du Toit on their Facebook page.

Lisa van Schalkwyk added; “MommaMia gave me direction into my baby’s development…!”

“This app is truly AMAZING. So practical and easy to use. And one uses things in and around the house. I also couldn’t believe the stuff my baby was capable of doing, all through this app’s guidance. The activities are so well thought out. The fact that it’s designed by an occupational therapist who is also a mother shows, and all the more deserves my 5 stars!” said Elmarie Boesenberg.

To download that MommaMia parenting app, visit (for Android devices) and (for Apple iOS devices). Alternatively, follow the link Give them a call on 083 353 3830 or email Visit their website at

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