Babies & Pregnant Moms

Mama’s UIF

We offer a service to ladies who are going on maternity leave. We supply all the relevant forms, supply instructions on how to complete the forms, submit your application to the Department of Labour, submit your monthly follow up forms and keep you posted on the status of your claim. We make sure your money is paid directly into your bank account. For more info contact Liesl on 086 722 7536 or send her an email

 Moms and Tots Workshop

Petra, the founder of the Moms and Tots Group and a qualified B.Prim. (Ed) teacher, ran her own Moms and Tots Workshop for 13 years after which she ran her own Jungle Tots Educational Playgroup for 11 years. Motivated by her love for children, especially those from disadvantaged communities, she founded the Mother Touch Academy.. For more info contact Janet on 083 657 6661 or send her an email

 Giggle Gumz

Giggle Gumz teething jewellery was created for stylish moms for the benefit of her precious baby. 
Eco-friendly and 100% food grade silicone… For more info contact us on 073 298 7040 or send an email

 Lime Fusion

Lime Fusion, organic living, is an outlet showcasing a range of completely “clean” and non-toxic products, based in East London, South Africa. We are discerning in what we stock and try as far as possible to support local manufacturers…For more info contact us on 043727 1266 or send an email

Janet Bands

Do you often hear your pre-school child or your friend’s or family’s pre-school child talking to an imaginary friend (made-up person?) Qualified Teacher + Mentor with over 40 years of experience is here to mentor/guide you and your family…For more info send us an email

Gogo Books

 These two books feature imaginary adventures shared by Gogo and her grandson. Gogo and her upside down umbrella, tells the tale of Gogo and Q being caught up in a rainstorm.  For more info contact us on 082 823 3067 or send an email

Jean Paul Photography

I live a very simple life that involves my job as a professional photographer (Jean Paul Photography), my hobbies which includes surfing with friends and spending quality time with my family. For more info contact me on 083 611 0007/043 721 1157 or send an email
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