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4 A Kid - Putting Child Safety First
Child safety products that give parents peace of mind and help keep kids safer. Sole distributor of the Mommy I'm Here Child Locator.
A MUST Have Parent Guide for All Parents with Young Children
The TELL ALL Parent Guide to Finding the BEST Nursery School for Your Child. This guide gives parents lots of tips and advice on looking for the best schools for their children and tells them what they MUST look out for. It offers lots of additional information relating to various topics relating to young children. It contains Questionnaires for asking questions on the phone as well as for taking with when going to see schools. Cost : R45 (including postage) Founder : Judy Nieuwenhuizen
A MUST in the Sun - Fun Sun Beads
Bracelets made from fun UV sensitive beads which contain a pigment which changes colour when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The brighter the colours the stronger the UV exposure. They return to white when not exposed. Teach your kids to be sun-safe. Prices range from R12 to R38. Great gifts.
A new healthy on-the-go kids FRUIT PACK
Fruit Pack is a new healthy on-the-go fruit snack for children, conveniently packaged in a fun, easy-to-use squeezable and resealable pouch. Made from 100% pure fruit with no added sugar, no colourants, no flavourants and no preservatives, Fruit Pack comes in three delicious flavours: Apple, Apple & Pear, and Strawberry & Banana.
A wonderful tool - NANNY NOTEBOOK
The essential tool for improved communication between mothers and childminders. Daily reports, visual First Aid, emergency information, routine schedule. Moms wont miss a moment ! Launching in October 2010 - visit our website for more information !
ADT Security
As part of the international Tyco Fire & Security Group, ADT is the leading private security in South Africa. Alarm Monitoring, Armed Response, Guarding, CCTV, Fire Safety and Security – which work on their own or in combination to best suit a client’s needs and expectations
  • Tel: 086 12 12 200
African Cranberry Concentrate
Cranberry tea or juice is a healthy refreshment for the whole family and all ages WHICH CAN BE USED FOR HEALTH & FOR PLEASURE. Cranberry has no known side effects. The tea can be taken with honey or sugar to taste, if you are not diabetic or mix tea with about 10% juice concentrate of choice to create your own cranberry juice for the whole family and for guests in hotels, pubs, restaurants, snack bars, cafes, B&B outlets, clubs, meetings, parties etc. Powerful anti-oxidant that boosts immune system and relaxes. Controls diabetes, cholestrol, dyspepsia, urinary tract & bladder infection. Acts as toxic filter in the body and removes stones in the kidneys. Controls mycobacterium tuberclosis and many allergic, viral & bacterial infections. Improves blood circulation, constipation, debility and digestion. Improves absorption of medications & healing & removes toxins from medications and smoking. Controls & repairs skin.
Alive Survival School
Learn the skills to survive in any unforeseen situation. Join us for an interesting fun filled learning experience in the bush. Build shelters, collect water, fire making, bush foods and medicine, tree identification, animal identification and more…
Aquatic Centre
Water safety and swimming for beginners. NO FEARS, NO TEARS. Indoor heated pool.
Argilla Pottery
Argilla Pottery was not only designed to save time but to prepare healthy, nutritious meals without fuss. Food is cooked in a steam-roasting process that uses no oil and very little water. Meat is more tender and veggies retain all their nutritional value. Argilla, is exclusive handmade works of art that can be used from the oven to the table. The products are oven, microwave oven and dishwasher safe. For more information about Argilla contact Ilana.
Argilla Pottery
Argilla Pottery, since 1978, was not only designed to save time but to prepare healthy, nutritious meals without fuss. Food is cooked in a steam-roasting process that uses no oil and very little water. Meat is more tender and veggies retain all their nutritional value. Argilla, is exclusive handmade works of art that can be used from the oven to the table. The products are oven, microwave oven and dishwasher safe. Contact Wilinda for a demonstration !
Aston Woods Guest House & Infant Massage
Moms, Dads and your infant, spend the weekend or the day in the tranquil setting of Aston Woods Guest House (situated near Jeffreys Bay near Port Elizabeth), and learn the age old technique of Infant massage. Parents are taught step by step, by massaging their own baby. Touch is the first of the 5 senses that develops in the womb, sensitive caring touch is essential, it creates a healthy body image and promotes bonding, communication, pain relief and much more. The effect of massage is immediate, but last a life time. Massage course, breakfast, lunch and tea from R1200.00 per couple and infant.
AstroHealth - SuperKids Concentration Enhancer
100% natural and safe to use. Provides relief of hyperactivity and improves the child's concentration abilities with mental and physical tasks. Pycnogenol contains the valuable oligomeric proanthocyadins (OPC's) that have powerful anti-oxident and nutrient delivery to key parts of the body. Suppresses the production of free radicals in the body. Provides restful sleep which enhances the growth process. Also improves pulmonary function and reduces the symptoms of asthma in children. Purchase from the following outlets - The Medicine Chest, Anver Ahmed Pharmacy, Ian Robertson Pharmacy, Commercial Road Pharmacy, Klinipharm, ValueChem. Nationwide Delivery. R10.00 discount to all Kids Connection browsers
Au Pairs @ Work
AuPairs@Work is a Gauteng based company serving all areas in the Gauteng province. Aupairs@Work have been providing families with reliable and trustworthy Aupairs for over seven years and we pride ourselves on placing Aupairs who are caring, loving and have a pure passion for childcare. We not only place Aupairs with families but we endeavour to develop long term relationships with our families and Aupairs. If you need a full time or part time Au Pair to take care of your family's needs we will assist you in finding the perfect candidate. Each of our candidates are personally interviewed and screened for your peace of mind! We are passionate about children and their well being and we promise to provide you with the perfect Aupair who will cater specifically for your children and family's needs. Like the Facebook Page
AuPairs Exclusive
Specialising in the placement of aupairs, childminders, night nurses & babysitters. Also placing girls aged 18-25 in Holland as aupairs.
Baby & Kidz Banz
Quality child sun protection wear. Costumes,Swim Peaks,Hats& Sunglasses
Baby & Kidz Banz
Quality child sun protection wear. Costumes,Swim Peaks,Hats&Sunglasses
BabyGym is a practical and funfilled workshop for parents and carers to make the most of baby’s first two years. PREVENT future learning problems – do BabyGym !!
Bright Kid
Bright Kid manufactures famous washable interlocking floor mats in many colours and thicknesses for indoor play.
BYE WART - Painless Natural Wart Removal Remedy
Taking Europe by storm ! Leading health products company, OTC PHARMA SOUTH AFRICA, has announced the launch of BYE WART!™, a new, natural and painless wart removal formulation which has achieved widespread success across Europe because of its effective solution to warts.BYE WART!™ has been specially formulated for the painless and natural removal of all types of warts, except genital warts. It comprises natural active ingredients and offers a complete, painless and effective solution to warts. BYE WART!™ contains, among others, Essential Oils which have a disinfectant and bacterial effect and which weaken the wart viruses and stop them from spreading. It also contains Red Pepper powder which stimulates blood circulation as well as Ureum which regulates skin moisture levels. In addition, it contains Dimethicon which provides a protective but breathable layer on the wart, soothes the skin, makes it elastic and is water repellant.
C.I.D.S (Caring Individual Development Systems)
Welcome to the Exciting world of C.I.D.S ( Caring Individual Development Systems). We Pride ourselves in selling high quality products with the back up and service to meet all your needs. We specialise in Kiddies Mini Bouncer Jumping Castles (a one of a kind inflatable). A large range of good quality Battery Operated Ride on Cars. Cool flashing led light clothing for boys and girls, Superman, Batman, The Flash and Spidrman we have them all. The most beautiful Princess and little girly wirly skirts with dress up costumes and led lights. For Tiny Tots wev'e got the lot - Batman, Superman, Ladybugs and Fairy Wings. Mom and dad , no need to be sad cause CIDS is here to make you feel GLAD. We deliver direct to your door. Check out the coolest web site in town , with just one click your kiddies fantacy's come true and thats no trick. C-Caring for our children, I-Individual technology as our tool, D-Development at all ages, S-Systems with safety create piece of mind.
Centralin - Herbal Cough Syrup
Leading health products company, OTC PHARMA SOUTH AFRICA, has announced the launch of Cetralin Cough Syrup, a powerful and unique homeopathic and herbal remedy mix for children and adults. Cetralin has been specially formulated to contain homeopathic remedies known to relieve coughs and associated symptoms. These remedies have been uniquely combined with a special herbal preparation for maximum relief from both dry and wet coughs. Cetralin contains NO artificial colourants, NO preservatives, NO antihistamines
Clinical Psychologist - Tania Muthen
Development, School Readiness, Scholastic Assessments. Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. Directive Play Therapy for children.
  • Tel: 076 859 1882
  • Fax: 086 636 3459
  • Address: Optimed Centre, 545 Cape Road, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth
Coach Yourself
Try coaching to enhance your parenting-skills for all child-rearing difficulties and issues; which arise at all ages from birth to varsity. Coaching will assist you implement change, development and renewal of your family unit and relationships. Group and individual sessions available. Call us today so we can coach you to coach yourself towards a more fulfilled life!
Creeds - Super Natural Nutrition
Products and supplements from Creeds, Sally-Ann Creed's Health Store in Cape Town now available in Port Elizabeth, through Creed’s agent Gaye Galatalis. OMEGA 3 FISH OIL (SOFTGELS OR CITRUS FLAVOURED OIL) free of PCB’s, mercury, heavy metals, pesticides and dioxins, correct DHA/EPA ratio * MAXIBIOTIC – beat tummy bugs this summer with this pro and prebiotic 20 million colony forming units (cfu’s), 12 strains, the strongest and most effective in the country. Easily taken by children – powder can be taken out of vegicap. Contact Gaye for more information on these and other products available including info on promotional discounts for Kids Connection browsers.
Crystal Aire LED Purifier for Family Homes
Alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal changes, order your “Crystal Aire” LED Purifier today! Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria. Prevents mould and fungi growth. Removes pollen, dust from the air. Neutralizes malodors such as pets, smoke and paint fumes. Works well for adults and children for chest decongestion. Great for Asthmatics. Helps with seasonal allergies. Moistens the air and helps with dry coughs. Distributors wanted.
Dawson Dairy
Farm Fresh ! Your LOCAL dairy ! The contented cows that supply Dawson Dairy...producing farm fresh milk, the way nature intended ! No hormones, no steroids and disease-free. Their milk is then pasteurized and homogenized to perfection. Over the past few years we've been producing fine products such Fresh Milk, Yoghurts, Drinking Yoghurts, 100% Fruit Juice Blends and Purified Water.
Developmental Checklist - A Parent & Teacher's Guideline
Parents/teachers will be able to use this checklist, as a guideline, to determine whether a child is functioning according to his / her age level or as a guideline for age-appropriate stimulation activities. By Carla Grobler - Occupational Therapist. Cost is R165. NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY
LEARNING DIFFICULTIES - Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers. Is your child struggling with Reading, Writing, Spelling, Concentration, Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, Low Self Esteem, Co-ordination, Social Skills ? We can help ! Dore – Developing Skills for Life
Dr Taryn Turner
Registered Homoeopath and Qualified Doula offering complementary health care, doula services and ante-natal classes
Drinking Bottles from GreenerLifestyle
At last, a safe alternative to plastic & aluminium bottles at prices that will make you SMILE ! Greener Lifestyle 304 (food grade) stainless steel bottles with leakproof, Bpa free lids are the perfect choice for your children (and, in fact, the whole family!). * SAFE - stainless steel won't leach any toxins or alter the taste * CONVENIENT flip up drinking spout * ECONOMICAL - with proper care they will last for many years * DURABLE – tough 304 grade stainless steel won’t easily dent or scratch * ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – no more plastic bottles in landfills. For more info please go to our website
Eye and Laser Institute - Port Elizabeth
up to 20% of school-aged children have vision problems which are hindering their performance at school. Children can have 20/20 eyesight, meaning normal distance vision and still have problems in other areas. Children who lack good basic visual skills often struggle at school unnecessarily. Give your child the best chance at enjoying and reaping the rewards of the most formative years by having regular eye exams every 2 years. Contact your optometrist or opthalmologist and ensure your child has clear vision at school
  • Tel: Centre of Excellence for Vision & Eye Care : 041 373 0682
  • Address: 205 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth
Goldex Throat Lollies – Yummy Medicine for Sore Throats !
Goldex Throat Lollies is the only antibacterial, antiseptic throat lolly on the market! Ideal for kiddies with sore throats. Available in a great cherry flavour. It is also the only medicated throat lolly approved and registered by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa. One lolly, sucked every three hours with its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties is highly effective against organisms that cause infections of the upper respiratory tract. Throat lollies provide ideal relief for sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis as well as gum or mouth infections. Moms can rely on them because they really do work and administering medicine has never been easier. Throat lollies have undergone extensive medical research to prove their efficacy. Throat lollies aren’t just for children. Moms, dads, and the whole family can use them too. Next time your child has a sore throat visit your local pharmacy and ask for Goldex Throat Lollies.
GSS - Glass Strengthening System
Transform your existing glass into high impact, UV, intruder & ballistic resistant safety glass. GSS strengthens glass up to 400%. 10x stronger than "Smash & Grab". For a free quote or demo contact GSS - Port Elizabeth.
H20 Water Purification
Leaders in Water & Air Purification
  • Tel: Michael Bilsbury Cell 083 459 1835 Tel 041 581 1731
  • Fax: 086 695 6768
  • Address: 9th Avenue Shopping Centre, Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Health Wise (Health Shop)
Vitamins. Minerals. Herbs. Amino Acids. Esssential Fatty Acids. Glyco Nutrients. Largest selection of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. Stockists of 'The Real Thing' Fish Oil.
  • Tel: Beacon Bay - 043 748 5921 Vincent Park - 043 726 7685
  • Address: Beacon Bay Retail Park and Vincent Park Centre, East London
Kaplan Blumberg Attorneys - Parental Responsibilities & Rights
The Children's Act has changed our whole way of reasoning when it comes to parenting. The Act, 38 of 2005 came in to complete operation on 1 April 2010. It changed the Law relating to the rights and obligations of parents regarding their children. Before the Act the focus was on the authority of parents over children. In the case of a divorce, both parents now have a responsibility to "care" for the child/children. For further assistance in regard to these matter contact the office during working hours
Kindersafe is a South African business dedicated to bring you the most fantastic range of safety products for your children. We have a wide variety of products to suit all your needs.
Kinetic Kids
Specialised movement development for children, encouraging healthy body image, physical well-being and healthy minds. Individualized programmes for optimal development, strengthening and imporvement of gross motor and sport skills.To book personal session call Vicki Hurter. South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (SAPIK) Junior Aerobics for small groups offered
Krav Maga Self Defense for Women & Children
Empower yourself - dont be a vitim ! A tactical self-defense system developed by the Israeli Army - now in PE ! Self defence for women and children (learn the skills to defend yourself against an attack/attackers). Bully Proof your kids ! Sign up for an evening class or join a Saturday morning workshop. Corporate and Group Packages available. P1 Instructor - Jacques van Eck - 6 years training as a self defense instructor. Also join our Krav Maga PE Facebook Group for more updates and more information
  • Tel: Call Jacques 079 499 5621
  • Address: Westview Sports Club, 1st Avenue , Newton Park, Port Elizabeth
Langamanzi specializes in Water Safety and Solar Water Heating Products. Facts about drownings: It’s the leading cause of accidental deaths in children 5 years and younger, 90% occurs under supervision and 70% occurs in pools with fencing. Langamanzi’s Pool Protector and Child Guard (Writsband Alarm) will help YOU take the silence out of drowning. Contact us for more information.
Little Profiles Health Club
Keeping your family fit for LIFE ! Let your child become a member of their OWN fitness club. Children will learn the importance of exercise and healthy living. Classes 4-11 years. Children have access to one of the two indoor heated pools for swimming lessons and play. Supervised play area with a qulaified teacher, good camera security. The Club also offers : adults full circuit, classes, compu-training zone, 3 x ASB imported Squash Courts, fully equipped health spa, sports shop, conference facility & coffee shop. Kiddies POOL Parties !!
  • Tel: 041 368 5041 / Helen : 083 652 9880
  • Address: Profiles Health Club, William Moffett, Walmer Downs, Port Elizabeth
Medicross Walmer Well Baby Clinic
Registered Midwife will see your baby at our Well Baby Clinic. Consultation and immunizations inclusive, from R40. Times : Tues 09:00-13:00; Wed 09h00-17h30, Thurs 09h00-16h30. Closed between 13h00 and 13h30.
  • Tel: 041-396 4812
  • Address: Cnr. Buffelsfontein Rd and 17th Ave, Miramar, Port Elizabeth
Mom's Work Solutions
Are your stuggling to work from home while raising young children ? We offer office space in a peaceful farm setting with day care facilities on site. Catering for children from 6 months to 4 years old. Limited space available.
Nandos - Kids' Meals
Our new kids' meals aren't just happy ..
ORANGE Slimming Studio
Each table devoted to a major muscle group stimulating the stretch reflex in the muscle tissue, increasing the blood,lymph and general body fluid circulation. 12 reasons to consider using Inch by Inch toning tables : the alternative gym, proven inch loss, low impact exercise, breaks down cellulite, improves circulatory system, increases flexibility, mobility & muscle tone, assists with stiffness of joints, rheumatism & arthritis, relieves stress & tension, improves posture, gentle exercise in relaxing environment, appeals to all ages & fitness level.
Picksan LICE Stop - Anti Lice Shampoo
Specially developed by one of the world's leading experts on parasites, Prof Heinz Mehlhorn. Picksan anti-lice shampoo is a completely toxic-free and high quality treatment which contains natural ingredients, is not poisonous, is not flammable, does not have an unpleasant odour and does not cause skin irritation, unlike many anti-lice shampoos currently on the market. This product was launched in South Africa in July 2009.
Picksan MOSQUITO Stop - Repellent Tub
Anti-mosquito tub is a special formulation that drives mosquitoes away and is ideal for camping and all outdoor activities. This is a secure alternative to electric mosquito killers and repellant coils which burn, emit smoke and can cause fires. Excellent for camping, vehicles and in your baby's nursery
Picksan MOSQUITO Stop – Spray
A new product containing natural active ingredients by leading parasitologist, Prof.Heinz Mehlhorn. This spray has been specially formulated to keep mosquitoes away, protecting the skin for up to six hours. It is mild on the skin, can be used on adults and children and has been clinically and dermologically tested.