Trends: the magical ‘Elf for Christmas’ is this year’s must have!

Soon to become a must-have modern family tradition, ‘Elf for Christmas’ is a new magical toy and reward kit that is perfect for both girls and boys aged two and up.

Available as a girl or boy Elf, this engaging toy brings fun and magic to your home throughout the December holidays – while also promoting good behaviour and family interaction.
The ‘Elf for Christmas’ concept was born in the United Kingdom in 2015, and this year Santa is sending his little helpers into sunny South Africa.

The magical concept behind this award winning toy; ‘Elf For Christmas’ is that the loveable little elf is sent to a home all the way from the North Pole by Santa himself – with a main purpose of watching over the children and reporting back on good or bad behaviour.

The elf also serves as a direct communication link to The North Pole for kids to send their letters to Santa. Now, as is customary with Christmas – all the magic comes to life while all the children are sleeping; so after the lights have gone out and all is quiet, the little elf “comes alive” and gets up to all kinds of mischief (with a little help from parents, of course) – doing a variety of quirky things around the home … from eating cookies from the cookie jar, to kind and helpful chores like tidying away toys that the kids may have left out (but beware – the Elf may report back a messy room to Santa!!).

However, where the magic really lies is in the Christmas Reward Kit; a unique package to help you bring the excitement of the Elf to life. The kit includes an arrival letter from Santa, explaining the Elf’s role in your home, a reward chart with stickers, as well as Mini Report Cards and Certificates that can be used to promote kindness and good behaviour.

Will your kids be on the Naughty or Nice List? Keep the festive spirit alive with ‘Beware of the Elf’ signs for your door and a ‘Thank You’ postcard to round off the magic in January. There is also a ‘Letter to Santa Claus’ template, ready to post your letters off to the big man himself, and a ‘Goodbye’ letter for when it’s time for Elf to go back to the North Pole.

It really is magic. All you need to do is believe it!

The Elf will be available for purchase online from October. Visit to pre-order your elf now!

The Elf’s Journey:
In 2015, 34-year-old mother of two, Sarah Greenwell from Durham UK, put pen to paper and turned her magical Christmas Elf ideas into a product for her young children. From just a kitchen table and an online store, Elf for Christmas was born.

A sell-out in its first year, Elf was noticed by many leading UK national toy retailers, all of whom stocked Elf for Christmas the following year.

In 2016, ‘Elf For Christmas’ received numerous awards and accolades, including “Best Creative Activity – Loved By Parents Platinum Winner 2016”. See link following for full list:

The Elf toys are totally unique; lovingly designed to get them just right, with endearing charm, a friendly face, mischievously long arms and dinky clothes, there is no question that Elf will be loved by the whole family. Designer Sarah, is a self-confessed big kid with a Christmas addiction and it shows! … and now Sarah is spreading the magic of Elf into South Africa!

Included in the “Elf for Christmas” range this year is the Elf with Reward Kit (boy or girl), a Magical Elf Door that lights up, an animated Story Book (Elf’s First Adventure), an Advent Calendar of 24 letters from Santa and a North Pole Nativity Set.

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