The One (and Only) Benefit of Schools’ Delayed Opening

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That is to attend a Maths Basics Bootcamp and Study Skills Course!

“It’s time for these kids to go back to school!”

There is a chance that these words have been uttered in your house, but rest assured, you are not alone.

In order to avoid overstating the obvious of our current situation, we still can take a moment to acknowledge the difficulty of children having to stay at home while parents had to return to work. Another “Yes, we all know that!” statement is that parents are concerned about their children’s academic development.

A recent conversation with a teacher at a primary school in Port Elizabeth confirmed that 2020 widened pre-existing learning gaps. She mentioned that the children who were previously academically strong were able to cope with the demands of online teaching and familiarising themselves with their school’s new leaning platform. A small number of children benefitted from the smaller groups attending school, had increased parental support at home and saw an increase in their performance. However, the child who struggled academically pre-covid just fell further behind.

An Opportunity for Revision

The delayed reopening of schools implies that teachers would not be able to use the initial week for revision of previous year’s concepts. The demands of the curriculum do not allow a “grace period” for revision. However, proactive parents and children will see the extra time at home as an opportunity to do some revision themselves.

Let’s be honest for a moment, the self-discipline required to do revision of the previous year’s concepts is the same self-discipline required to start a new exercise routine. It is not impossible, but it is a lot easier if there is someone who can help or hold you accountable!

Maths Basic Bootcamp

Kip McGrath Education Centres Walmer has already started their revision classes and offered a Maths Basic Bootcamp in January. This opportunity will also be available during the first two weeks of February.

The Maths Basics Bootcamp offers an overview of the key concepts a child needs to master. These concepts are reinforced with written and computer-based exercises, focussed on the individual needs of the child. Learning gaps will also be identified in the process. These gaps can be addressed during further attendance at the centre.

The Study Skills Programme is aimed at preparing students for the academic year by focussing on notetaking and summary skills. It also helps a student to plan their revision schedule by teaching time-management skills.

Kip McGrath Education Centres Walmer can be contacted at or 081 707 9822.

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