The Capstone School offers a real hands-on learning experience

The Capstone School

The Capstone School in Port Elizabeth is the place to send your child.

If you are looking for education that is incomparable and rooted in Christian values,

The school is on the Heatherbank Farm in Port Elizabeth.

Thanks to this ideal location, our students can learn skills such as fishing, exploring and tending to a vegetable garden.

The Primary School will be relocating to a new campus in Walmer in January 2019 –

However the Pre-Primary will be remaining at the Heatherbank campus.

Capstone is a Reggio-inspired, progressive school that has been running for more than 20 years as a Pre-Primary school.

In 2007, they launched their primary school, which has grown to be among the best locally.

The Pre-Primary school caters for three to six-year olds, while the Primary school starts from Grade 1 to 5. They plan to add a grade yearly until they reach Grade 7.

The Capstone School has Christian roots

Capstone follows an emergent, learner-centered curriculum, which is based on CAPS principles and strongly rooted in Christian values.

“I love the joy of learning that I see in the children every day.

I love that our school is a home away from home where children enter excited for the day ahead,” said Jacqui Zeelie, principal.

Their small classes allow the teachers to focus more attention on the students as individuals and give them the individual care.

We have fully-qualified, with a degree in either Foundation Phase or Intermediate Phase education.

“I’m so proud of our teachers, who daily make learning engaging and fun for each child, and we respect and value each child,” said Zeelie.

The school has a focus on hands-on learning, where the students can learn things through movement, exploration, outside activities.

Collaboration is very important at Capstone, we believe it allows children to grow and flourish according to their abilities and interests.

“We have nurtured a relaxed, friendly and interactive learning environment with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary learning.

We present our subjects in an interconnected manner to enable learning to take place in many different ways over the course of the curriculum,” explained Zeelie.

Extra-mural activities at The Capstone School

When it comes to extra-mural activities for the students, Capstone offers activities such as Soccer Starz, Future Kings Rugby, Sandula Kids, Xhosa, Experi-buddies, Build-em-Briks, horse-riding and dance for the Pre-Primary, and soccer, cricket, Future Kings Rugby, cross-country, hockey, mountain-biking and horse-riding for the Primary School.

“As I see it, the aims of education are to enable learners to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active citizens.” – Ken Robinson

For more information, call 041 367 5489 or visit today.


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