Stormsriver Adventures Canopy Tour is exhilarating!

stormsriver adventures canopy tour

Stormsriver Adventures Canopy Tour is one of the must do activities in the Tsitsikamma area.

The booking office is located in Stormsriver Village, just off the N2, and the award winning canopy tour runs every half hour from 8.00 to 15.30.  It is best to book online to ensure that you reserve the time slot that best suits your schedule.

This is an activity in which the whole family can participate and is a great choice for a kid’s party outing.  Up to eight people can join each trip.  Children from as young as five (provided that they can be secured into a harness) can enjoy this adventure.

When I was child, my cousin and I built a ‘fuffie’ slide from some old fencing wire, steel tubing and nine inch nails.   The wire ran from the top of one bluegum tree to the base of another a few metres away. 

The gradient would have made a ski jumper shiver in his boots, but my cousin donned his motorbike helmet and went for it.  Well, when our parents discovered why my cousin’s crash helmet was split in two his rear end was in more pain than his forehead.

Safe and professional

At the absolute opposite end of the scale, from a safety, professionalism and outcomes point of view, is the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour.  However, what these two wire-riding adventures do have in common is sheer fun and utter exhilaration, brought on by a combination of height and speed.

The cabling and platforms were designed, built and connected to the massive trees under the supervision of a civil engineer, and I must say, that was a comforting thought as I sped across a 90 metre gap, 30 metres above the forest floor.

Natural beauty preserved

The forest itself is pristine and filled with the sight and sound of running water, Knysna Loeries and, of course, the laughter and shouts of fun.

Only two trees are used for the cable network, namely the Outeniqua Yellowwood and the Cape Hardpear, and not a single nail or bolt has been driven into these ancient giants – another testament to the fantastic engineering.

What to expect at Storms River Adventures Canopy Tour

There are 10 rides, the longest of which is 91 meters and the entire experience lasts approximately 3 hours.

The guides, and there are two with each group, were very knowledgeable on the forest and had clearly received excellent training in the use of harnesses, karabiners and other safety equipment.  They made the tour both safe and fun.  We were each given a bottle of water for the journey.

After the harnesses are fitted there is short bus ride to the start of the tour.

The first two rides are short and not too fast but as the tour progresses so the rides become longer, higher and faster.

At no point on the entire tour are you ever disconnected from the cable network.  It is impossible to fall off the platforms!

The last ride ends a short but steep walk away from the bus stop.  Back at reception you are served a light lunch, presented with a certificate and you can view the video of your trip.  The videos are available for purchase.

My daughter recently celebrated her 14th birthday with family and friends on the Canopy Tour.  We had a great time and when the tour was over we enjoyed milkshakes and cake at the restaurant adjacent to Stormsriver Adventures.

Can’t wait to do it again – perhaps I’ll take my cousin along and show him how it should be done.

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