Stationery on tap – You ring we bring!


We all know those mornings, when you hear that holla – someone doesn’t have the required stationery … again!

“Mom!” Johnny shouts, “I can’t find my Pritt!”

“Mom!”  Sally hollers, “I need more pencil crayons!”

“I don’t know where my highlighters are!”  Mary sighs.

If you have kids of school going age, you will appreciate these weekly laments.  They are always losing or forgetting some part of their stationery.  And, most times, it’s just before school is about to go back when you discover that.

So, why not stock up on all the necessary and often-lost or broken stationery items with Cartridge & Stationery Solutions, conveniently located in Table View, and just a call away.

Who are Cartridge & Stationery Solutions?

Lorraine Tonkin has successfully run Cartridge & Stationery Solutions for over 13 years and supplies the greater part of the northern suburbs with all their cartridges and stationery.

Cartridge Solutions first started out as a supplier mainly of printer cartridges, but Lorraine soon realised that there was a huge gap in the market for stationery and office equipment.  And, so she broadened her scope and now has a large client base of small business owners, families, as well as schools.

The School Stationery Dilemma

When it comes to school stationery, generally, one can purchase the stationery direct from the school, all neatly boxed and ready to go.  However, Lorraine says that she can offer that same service as well, and at a great price.  All you have to do is ask for the stationery list from the school and email it through to her.  And, Lorraine will make sure its delivered to you too.  In fact, their catch line is, “Your Ring – We Bring”.  And, as mentioned, when it comes to running out, it makes perfect sense to keep a stock pile.stationery

What makes Cartridge & Stationery Solutions Different?

Sure, there are bigger and more well-known stationery outlets in the Western Cape, but speaking from first-hand experience, the personal touch is what makes Cartridge and Stationery Solutions special.

Run out of ink in your printer? – simply Ring and they will Bring!

Need paper so you can print that proposal out? –  simply Ring and they will Bring!

Need to stock up on the kids stationery? … you guessed it – simply Ring and they will Bring!

(T’s and C’s do apply though to all stationery orders i.e. delivery minimums, of course.)

What’s on Offer?

When asked what the most ordered stationery commodity was, Lorraine told us that paper, by far, was the most popular item, from month to month.  Although, she says that there are also seasonal stationery items, such as diaries, generally ordered at the end of the year, along with back-to-school stationery.

For small businesses, Lorraine has a wide range of office stationery items, as well as equipment, on offer.  From small to medium sized printers and all the consumables that go with that, to laptops, guillotines, shredders, binders and much more.  The impressive brand range extends to Canon, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, LG and many other big names.

With the printer cartridge side of things, while Lorraine can supply you with original cartridges, she also has generics or compatibles.  She says that there is much hype about compatible printer cartridges, in that they damage your printer.  But, Lorraine claims, with confidence, that her range is top quality, prints the same amount of pages as an original, and is perfectly fine to use in your printers.  In addition, they are a fraction of the price of the originals.

So, if you are looking to save some bucks on your stationery, cartridges and equipment, give Cartridge and Stationery Solutions a try.


You can connect with Lorraine or Kylie through:

Telephone           +27 21 557 9809



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