S&K Karate kicks coronavirus’ ass!

S&K Karate

Thanks to the coronavirus your child is not getting exercise at school or at home.  As you are well aware this has a negative impact on your child and your sanity!

S&K Karate part of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan South Africa has grappled with this problem and kicked the coronavirus’ ass!

We offer physical exercise in a safe and disciplined environment for kids, teenagers and young adults.

Why should you consider karate?

Karate training offers a physical outlet for children in the form of fun exercises that also teach a stack of life skills.  Best of all it is done in a safe environment with social distancing.

In order to maintain health, a good exercise routine, good nutrition and quality sleep are important. With children being increasingly sedentary as a result of the pandemic their health is becoming effected in a negative way.

Karate is your solution!   

Karate training is not only a good form of healthy exercise, it also improves depth perception, body awareness and co-ordination as well as aiding in the development of focus, concentration and self-confidence!

In a world that has become increasingly dependent on technology as a means of interaction, there is an incredible need for some form of face-to-face interaction for social development.

It is through face-to-face interaction and sports that children learn the values of fair play and respect for one another.

Join S&K Karate for fun and exercise and learn life skills too! 1st week is free!

We teach from the Mill Park Bowling Club in Port Elizabeth.

Contact Kyoshi Steve Johnson (7thDan) on 084 200 0111 or Kyoshi Karl bon der Marwitz (7th Dan) on 082 650 1781 or email karateinfope@gmail.com

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