Practice physical distancing and go zip-lining with the Drakensberg Canopy Tour!

Drakensberg Canopy Tour

The Drakensberg Canopy Tour is a safe and fun activity for all ages and fitness levels. Located in a beautiful indigenous forest of the Central Drakensberg, with the majestic Cathkin Peak providing the backdrop, this is also the ideal social distancing activity.

Drakensberg Canopy Tour is run by Canopy Tours, which runs several other popular, top-notch canopy tour operations across South Africa.

A canopy tour basically involves zip-lining from one platform to another often over a forest –the scenic Blue Grotto forest in the KwaZulu Natal. The forest is home to over 150 species of birds including the rare Bush Blackcap.

What is also unique about the Drakensberg Canopy Tour is that it has Africa’s first elevated rock face walkway. This means it has a good mix of both cliff face and treetop platforms and cable slides over the forest, waterfalls and a cascading stream – up to 60 metres high.

For your peace of mind, their professional guides are also always on hand to ensure the safety of your family while providing interesting facts about the forest ecology during the three-hour tour. Various COVID-19 health protocols have also been implemented for your safety.

What your family can expect

When your family or group arrives for this tour, you will start with a detailed safety briefing – yes, its safety first!

After that, you move onto a ‘kitting up’ session where everyone gets their full-body harnesses, pulleys and climbing equipment. When everything has checked out, you are then taken on a short scenic drive to the launch platform, where the action starts.

You are always encouraged to enjoy the scenic views and your ride while your guide points out interesting features and facts about the surrounding ecology.

Besides the canopy tours for families and small groups, the company also offers tailored packages for school outings and corporate teambuilding. Accommodation can be arranged at a number of resorts in the area, depending on your budget.

To make your booking with Drakensberg Canopy Tour, check availability online HERE.

Reviews from people who have been on the Canopy Tour

“Flying high above the tree canopy. A define must for all adventure seekers. A well run establishment with well trained and friendly staff,” wrote Cheryl on their TripAdvisor.

CandiceSeggie added; “Great team and adventure. We love zip lining and this location didn’t disappoint. Great COVID protocols and friendly teams. Definite must do.”

“Stunningly beautiful gorge with 12 ziplines between wonderfully crafted platforms against rock faces and around gigantic trees. Great crew. Fantastic experience!” said Zaks.

To find out more about Drakensberg Canopy Tour, call +27 (0) 83 661 5691 or email or visit them online at today. Follow them on Facebook HERE. Here is their location on Google Maps.

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