Buckingham Equestrian Centre has a real passion for horses

Buckingham Equestrian Centre

Buckingham Equestrian Centre, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

If you are searching for the ideal equestrian centre where you can train with your horses, or have it produced in an open space and top-class facilities, look no further than the Buckingham Equestrian Centre in Pietermartizburg.

This large, competitive yard has about 55 stables, livery, and the option to lease and half-lease competitive horses and ponies.

Want to learn all there is to know about horses and horse riding? Buckingham Equestrian Centre also offers lessons in show jumping, dressage and showing.

Experienced & professional riders at Buckingham Equestrian Centre

Buckingham Equestrian Centre, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, horse riding, birthday party, kids party venue

The Buckingham Equestrian Centre is led by Natalie Gordon-Watson. She is the owner as well as a competitive rider and coach; Holly Benigno who too has many years experience in the competitive ring, assists with producing, and coaching of all levels.

They have a number of horses and ponies available for lease and sale; each one has been professionally trained and has a lovely, gentle nature that riders can appreciate.  You can have a look at the horses and ponies they have available by clicking here.

Recently Buckingham has become able to facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy, with their youngest rider being three-years-old. Each session provides benefits and freedom of movement and the connections made with the ponies create a priceless experience that you will always remember.

The riding school caters for beginners as well as advanced riders. They host Pony Camps are held over the holidays and cover a variety of disciplines and lessons.

Kids between the ages of three and six don’t need to worry about being left out at Buckingham Equestrian Centre thanks to Equi-tots. Ideally designed for children, the equi-tots programme allows kids to enjoy horse and pony interactions such as pony rides, brushing, petting and feeding the ponies, and a gentle introduction to how the yard works, pony care and early riding instruction.

Have a birthday coming up soon? You can host your kid’s next birthday party at Buckingham Equestrian Centre and have a Pony Party with all their friends.

To find out more about Buckingham Equestrian Centre, give them a call on 082 786 9511 or email becequestrian@gmail.com. Visit their website at www.buckinghamequestrian.co.za. Find them on Google Maps

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