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Searching for a unique adventure experience? Pay a visit to one of the many Acrobranch parks situated across the country. Your kids can enjoy a thrilling adventure by exploring obstacle courses made up of awesome treetop high ropes and tricky crossings.

An adventure experience for the whole family; Acrobranch allows the whole family to have fun and spend quality time together. Parents can help their children develop both physically and mentally as well as have a little fun on their own and relive their childhood days of playing in trees.

Some courses are also suited for fit and energetic adults and teenagers who enjoy outdoor adventures. Besides treetop obstacles, you can also experience spectacular zip-lines! For two hours you can have some of the most unique outdoor experiences ever!

Give your kids a unique adventure experience with Acrobranch Kids

Childhood as it should be; Acrobranch Kids lets your kids spend hours in the great outdoors, climbing along the tops of trees while staying safe and secure.

At Acrobranch your kids can swing through the trees, dangle from branches and balance in the air, all with adult supervision to keep your peace of mind. Children are all tucked into snug safety harnesses and hooked into secure lines throughout the whole course.

Each course is designed with specific ages in mind to keep your kids entertained as well as safe. Visit your desired Acrobranch Park to find out more about the age and height requirements of their kids courses.  

Acrobranch is the perfect way to encourage your kids to explore the great outdoors and develop their independence. Kids can learn how to progress by themselves as they can move their own safety clips and explore at their own pace.

Party in the outdoors with Acrobranch

Does your kid want to enjoy a unique and special outdoor party? Try out one of Acrobranch’s many parks for an adventurous party experience. Acrobranch knows that when it comes to kids they love adventure and celebrating special birthdays.

Kids of all ages can celebrate their birthday with fun themed parties, from pirates and Tarzan, to Spider-Man; there is so much for your kids to enjoy. Your kids will experience guaranteed fun along the zip-lines or swing from tree to tree!

You can experience a real break from the technology-driven and screen-obsessed lifestyle of today and get hooked on an outdoor adventure.

To find out more about Acrobranch and what you can enjoy, give them a call on 086 999 0369 or visit their website at www.acrobranch.co.za.

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