Mister Teddy & Company delivers memorable kids’ party entertainment in Port Elizabeth

Mister Teddy and Company

It may have been established in September 2018, but Mister Teddy & Company has already established itself as one of the top kids’ party entertainment services in Port Elizabeth.

Mister Teddy is all about old school fun, with interactive characters that encourage children to play games, get involved and have fun. They live their motto; “Children’s Entertainment for Every Occasion!”

Story time with Mister Teddy involves the reading stories to children and entertaining performance shows that carry moral messages. Classical and contemporary music as well as original dialogue accompany the performances and dances.

How Mister Teddy & Company started

According to Louise Halliday, co-owner at Mister Teddy; “It started with a love for my Mom and teddy bears, both are treasured and tireless companions and comforter to children and adults.”

She says to celebrate her Mom’s 100th birthday and make it special, they added a little bit of glamour, a cabaret.

“A Teddy Bear padded suit was constructed, it had to look real, but human-sized, not just a suit with painted face. The Teddy dressed in sequins and top-hat danced to a dramatized song – ‘Be my Teddy Bear’ by Elvis,” Louise describes.

“This took place in a well-established restaurant. It was a bit of fun, comedy to enhance the dinner evening. The rest of the restaurant also enjoyed the performance and music, so I realized adults enjoyed this entertainment as well!”

Her dream came to reality when she met Mister Teddy co-owner, Sherry-Lee Booyens, after both were invited to tea.

“We quickly found that we had a lot in common, we were both artists, and had a love for teddy bears and children,” Sherry-Lee adds.

“Halliday originally asked me to join her to provide face-painting for children as a service at birthday parties, as I did face-painting for my own business, Alternative Art Works, this was the first phase of Mister Teddy.

“I was so inspired that I started writing dialogue to be recorded for Mister Teddy to mime, which grew to mini-concerts that tell stories with morals.”

Sherry-Lee says they soon saw the positive responses from teachers, parents and children and realized the potential of Mister Teddy as a business.

“We also saw the positive impact our concerts had on children and I made it my mission to use Mister Teddy and Company for outreach programmes to make a difference in children’s lives,” she adds.

As they say, the rest is history…

Mister Teddy is a unique kids’ party entertainment service

With several other kids’ party entertainment offerings in Port Elizabeth; Mister Teddy has still managed to differentiate itself.

“Our characters are original and unique; they are not Walt Disney characters from children’s stories, TV or film, etc. We write our own stories and each carry a message or moral. We have a mobile theatre with costumes, props, music, dancing and dialogue,” Sherry-Lee says.

Louise adds that because Mister Teddy is not a kids’ party venue, they actually travel to their clients’ homes or the venue of their choice for the kids’ parties.

“Still, we do also have access to a hall at Evangelism Explosion / Hope for Kids (NG Kerk PE Wes) in Newton Park, which we can use for events.”

Affordable kids’ party entertainment in Port Elizabeth

Mister Teddy is the full package! Their affordable kids’ party entertainment packages include Party Entertainment with face painting; Party Entertainment alone; Story and gift time with Teddy Christmas; Gift giving Teddy Christmas (for businesses and schools); and Teddy Surprise B-day singing Telegram.

Sherry-Lee says Mister Teddy can cater for any theme whether for a Birthday or special event.

“Our themes include Princess, Pirate, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Teddy Super Hero, or we can accommodate a theme at our client’s requests,” she adds.

“Our packages start from a simple Teddy Telegram, which is a short surprise visit to wish the Birthday girl or boy Happy Birthday, and even present a gift if requested. We also offer longer song and dance performance with games and other activities.”

Louise further says; “Depending where it is, we can adjust our Birthday packages and performances from small areas and groups to large audiences and venues, like a hall or on stage.

“Our themes and performances are aimed at toddlers to 12 years old or older, even adults love Teddy Bears.”

Looking for one of the top kids’ party entertainment services in Port Elizabeth, call or WhatsApp Mister Teddy & Company on 072 874 8566; email misterteddyparties@gmail.com.

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