Magformers – the magnetic building toy for fun, educational play


Magformers is a brand-new toy on the South African market created especially for small hands, inquisitive minds and expansive imaginations. Designed for girls and boys two years and older, Magformers are educational construction toys that allow children to build their own magnetic 3D structures.  

Each set contains colourful, magnetic plastic shapes that can be built into a variety of forms and objects. They are certified for children from two years up and provide hours of imaginative, creative and tactile play. Magformers are made from BPA Free HQABS plastic and use neodymium magnets, which are extremely strong as well as resistant to demagnetisation.

“The basic principle is that your creativity and, of course, the amount of fun you have while playing is unlimited,” says Philip Galliford, Senior Marketing Manager – Solarpop. “Magformers spark the imagination and build skills in 3D construction. Playing with these shapes encourages planning and logical thinking, it also inspires children to think mathematically. The colours and shapes also foster discovery and creativity.”

This is confirmed by parenting expert and toy reviewer Nikki Bush who says that Magformers foster 2D to 3D building and promote fine motor control, eye-hand co-ordination, spatial planning and imaginative play. (

Magformers are fun!

Magformers are fun to play with, colourful, creative and “click” together beautifully. Here are other reasons children love them:

  • They’re easy for little hands to use.  
  • Each set includes a colourful booklet with construction ideas.
  • The shapes snap together easily and the magnets always attract. Touch one shape to another for them to connect. The magnets actually rotate so the shapes always connect with a satisfying “click”.  This is a huge benefit because children never have the frustration of the magnets repelling each other.
  • Magformers are an open-ended toy and thus provide the opportunity for children to really use their imagination.
  • There’s the opportunity to learn about shapes – triangles, squares, prisms, pentagons, cubes – and colours.
  • Endless building possibilities. The variety of sets and themed sets available are all compatible and can be joined together, for example the town sets can interconnect to create an entire town and include Magbuddies, Bank, City Bus, Hospital, Ice cream Shop and Town Mart. Themed Sets include Magformers Carnival, Amazing Rescue, Amazing Construction and Amazing Police. There are also My First and Basic Sets.
  • Parents will love them because they’re certified for children younger than three years and perfectly safe.
  • When playtime is over, the magnetic power helps you to simply stack and store. 

“Magformers provide hours of fun, immersive play and at just the right challenge level, they have big edutainment value. Children can play alone or with others, building new worlds and unique objects while exploring their creative side and developing their STEM skills. Parents can also join in the fun and explore their 3D building capabilities,” says Philip. “They may surprise themselves and their children!”

Magformers are ideal as birthday gifts, as stocking fillers and for under the Christmas Tree. They’re also perfect for playschools, homeschools and classrooms.

Magformers playsets and basic sets are available, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, C.N.A. and Everyshop. For more information go to:

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