Loads of Labels keeps your goodies coming home

When it’s time for your little one to start their journey to school, sometimes things happen – such as stationery going missing, or being ‘borrowed’ only never to be seen again. Luckily though, Loads of Labels can provide you with just what you need to keep track of your child’s stationery and other items!

Situated in Port Elizabeth, Loads of Labels will design and create any kind of label you might need for almost any item.

They can create labels for anything from kids’ stationery, personalised tags and keychains for their school bags, clothing and shoes, as well as lunchboxes, juice bottles and even sports equipment.

Loads of Labels don’t just cater for school kids

They can also create personalized stickers for teachers and labels for frail care centres/nursing homes.

Another one of the services they provide is to create custom labels for boys and girls birthdays with little characters they adore.

And with the Festive Season coming up, you can also have a look at their custom Christmas gift labels.

We size according to your labeling needs, you simply need to state which label you want, from small to large to stick-on or iron-on and how visible you want your label to be.

We add a clear coating to our labels which keeps the ink from fading or scratching off – keeping your labels looking brand new for a longer time.

Aside from making labels, Loads of Labels also prints and sells canvases of different sizes that you can hang up in your home.

We print your photos, stretched them so that you can hang them the second  they arrive at your house.

Loads of Labels delivery service

Loads of Labels has a delivery service that is second to none, in fact most customers, who order from them, are in total surprise at the speed and condition of their delivered items.

With top notch service and solid products, it’s no wonder that Loads of Labels is the go-to company for all your labelling needs.

To find out more about Loads of Labels and their products, call them on 084 240 8457 or email orders@loadsoflabels.co.za or visit their online store at loadsoflabels.co.za/


Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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