Let your child experience the joy of crafting with Jumboo toys

Trying to find the perfect way to get your kids to expand their minds and have fun without technology? Then you need to have a look at Jumboo and their amazing do-it-yourself products that kids from age three and up can enjoy!

Established in 2015, Jumboo has developed a way for kids to develop their minds and expand their creativity without using computers or technology. Their innovative DIY kits create ideal opportunities for you to bond with your children while helping them create a fun new toy in the process.

Your kids can experience hours of fun simply by crafting – gluing and folding various materials and pieces of card and paper together – no scissors needed!

All the prep-work is done!

Jumboo have designed a wonderful range of toys for kids to build themselves. All the parts required are provided in the box, already cut to the correct sizes/shapes and scored along fold lines, so all the prep-work is done, making this a fun and hassle free craft that your kids can easily do by following the step-by-step guide.

Jumboo offers a variety of DIY crafting toys

The DIY kits cover a wide range of fun and interesting toys, each with their own level of difficulty, potential messiness and required assistance from the parents.

Does your child enjoy playing pretend? Have them make their own fancy Princess masks or an Indian Chiefs feather hat.

Does your child like playing with cars or trains? Jumboo has a wide variety of DIY cars and other vehicles like helicopters, sailboats and monster trucks.

If your child likes animals and all things wild, Jumboo has a variety of DIY craft kits they will love. From dinosaurs to bugs to birds, your kids will have created their own little zoo in no time.

Does your child like a challenge? Then have a look at the Merry-Go-Round, F1 Car, Cuckoo’s House, Ferris wheel or Kaleidoscope kits. The difficulty may be high, but so are the chances of fun!

A variety of finger and hand puppet kits are also available, so your kids can perform a little puppet show for you too!

All the Jumboo craft products can be purchased from their online store and will be delivered right to your doorstep for your convenience!

To view the full range of Jumboo products or to order online go towww.jumboo.co.za. Alternatively email them at care@jumboo.co.za.

Great for birthday gifts, play-dates, fun school activities and party crafts!

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