Khula Education: Innovation through Early Education

“Khula” means to grow, and Kelly Ferreira and her team at Khula Education team are passionate about growing the potential of young children in preparation for their crucial pre-primary school years.

Specialising in the holistic development of children aged 4 years and younger, Khula Kids Playschool provides a wholesome, child-centred, learn-through-play approach to assist little learners in acquiring essential skills that will assist them to cope with life as they grow. The exciting programme incorporates age-appropriate play equipment, apparatus, games, and creative activities that allow little learners to experience joy, form healthy social bonds, better understand their emotions, and reap the positive results of holistic developmental progress.

Khula Kids offers fun-filled playschool mornings five days a week, and an aftercare service is available, along with home-cooked meals.

As of 2018, Khula Education will extend its footprint further within its home suburb of Walmer, PE, and the private education company is in the process of launching a second campus in the suburb.

The much-anticipated addition of a second playschool facility means that there will be more playschool classrooms and outdoor spaces where the magic of ‘learn-through-play’ will continue.

Khula Education director and principal, Kelly Ferreira is passionate about holistic and healthy education from cradle to career, and has woven together an exciting, innovative and relevant fusion of approaches that seek to prepare young children to thrive in the years that lie ahead.

Ferreira has a vested interest in matters related to personal and business brand development, leadership, motivation and education in a changing global climate; and her contribution and vision within the realm of private education has recently earned her a coveted Business Women’s Association’s Regional Business Achiever Award.

“Our educational philosophy is based on the understanding that children learn best from the world around them, and that play is the language of the child. So, we strive to bring the child’s school environment to life by promoting holistic development through fun play-based activities. The parent remains the primary role-player in the child’s early learning journey, and we see it as our priority to create valuable opportunities for learning during their playschool mornings,” says Ferreira.

Khula Education builds and adapts its child development objectives through ongoing collaboration with schools of excellence, parents, and professionals in healthy child development. The Khula Kids Playschool approach seeks to ensure that it lays an invaluable foundation in the life of every little learner enrolled in the programme.

To enquire about 2018 admissions, email

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