Choosing A School

It takes a village…

Choosing A School

Of course we want that, and of course all that does matter…a-lot! But what if all that, is not what your child needs? What if your child needs something different?

Shock! Horror!

“What do you mean, something different? Why does it have to be different? Why can’t it just be like everyone else? I don’t want different…I want normal!”

Sometimes, we want ​normal​ so badly, that we pretend that the un-normal isn’t there. We want to try the ​normal and see what happens. But unfortunately, most of the time, it doesn’t always work out very well.


“That whole term, I felt as though my son was being destroyed. It was like he was a square peg and the school were knocking him into a round hole – and every single time they tried to hammer him into place, they knocked bits off him. Though I tried my best to stick him back together each evening, I could see how he was splintering and falling apart, and it just broke my heart.” (Vikky Turner, Toby and Sox)

As parents, what do we look for, when choosing a school for our children?

Do we want a school that is close by, that has well-maintained sports fields and grounds, that has a popular, dynamic head, that offers a variety of extra-curricular activities, that boasts modern classrooms and computer-ware, qualified teachers and an affordable school fee?

You see, sometimes, our children don’t need all the paraphernalia that comes with schools today. The things that we want.

These schools are all competing for the top students, and the nicest, supportive parents, that can all pay the school fees..on time.

It’s a very competitive world out there.

The child who is the square peg, just needs a square hole. Is that too much to ask?

Try asking your child, what he or she needs to be able to learn and be happy at school. It might be as simple as…

“Ï can’t sit still all day, I need to be allowed to move around”.

“I need a quiet classroom. If it is too noisy or too busy, I can’t concentrate”.

I don’t like having to do worksheet after worksheet all day long, I get tired of colouring in everything. I also need to have variety in my day”.

So you see, folks, there will be a school for​ every child. The right environment will bring out the very best in them, they will flourish, they will shine and most important of all, they will be happy.

And so will you!

“Ï need a teacher that understands me and won’t yell at me if my handwriting is untidy”.

“Ï need to be able to work at my own pace and if I don’t understand something the first time, my teacher can explain it to me again and again, until I get it and won’t get cross”.


About the writer:

Philippa Fabbri is an independent educational consultant that specialises in barriers to learning and special needs education.

Contact her on 0833608468 or


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