How to properly help your kids with homework

Home work is something that every child has to deal with when they begin school. Some kids find homework a breeze and handle the workload well enough, but some kids need a little bit of parental assistance to get into the rhythm of doing school work after school.

While it’s perfectly fine to assist your child with homework you don’t want to end up taking over and telling them what to do.

Here are a few helpful tips that parents can use to properly help their kids with homework.

  1. Get to know your child’s teachers

Getting to know the teacher who is looking after your child might give you a better sense of what they want from your child when it comes to homework. Get to know them through parent-teacher meetings and school functions. Learn more about their homework policies and what you as a parent can do to be involved.

  • Make sure you have a homework space for your child

Set up a desk and well-lit area for your child to work at. It’s best for them to work in a quiet and comfortable space so that they can focus on the work in front of them without any distractions. Make sure they have any stationary they need such as pencils, pens, paper etc.

  • Have a scheduled time for homework

Consistency is key to making sure your child always completes their homework whenever they have any. Some kids work better in the afternoon while others work better in the evening after supper. Make sure they follow the schedule properly and don’t get distracted.

  • Teach your child how to manage heavy tasks

There will be times when your child is given a hefty amount of homework or a rather large assignment which might cause them some stress. Help your child by showing them how to break up the work into easily managed sections. It might help them if you make a special schedule for the work for that night. Once they have done a certain amount of work make sure to reward them with a 15 minute break.

  • No more distractions

Home work requires undivided attention; therefore you need to make sure that your child’s study area is free of any distractions. So while they are working say goodbye to the TV, cell phone, laptop, loud music etc. A cell phone can be used if your child needs to ask one of their classmates a question about their homework.

  • Keep homework assistance to a minimum

While you might want to help your children succeed in class and get all their answers right with your help, its best that they learn the correct methods by themselves. Make a few suggestions on the way your child can tackle a problem, but any mistakes or right answers they make must be their own.

  • Get yourself involved and be motivational

Ask your child about the tasks they have been given in school and any tests or assignments they have to do. Make sure your child know that they can count on you for support while they are busy with their work. Be sure to check their completed homework and lend an ear if they have any questions or concerns.

  • Get help if there are persistent problems

Long-term struggling means that it might be time for some outside help. Speak to your child’s teacher to find out how they are handling class. You never know, your child might just be in need of a pair of glasses, while others might be in need of an evaluation for a learning or attention problem.

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