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There is something very special about original art, especially for home decor, and if you own a piece, you will know the feeling that goes with it – a sense of pride and of amazement, that you own something that no one else has.

This and the love of the ocean, is what spurred on the Proctor-Parker family to start their small but enthusiastic home decor business, A-drift.  When they moved to magical and eccentric Cape Town, they fell in love with the beaches first.

home decorBeing such water babies, it didn’t take them long to start a ritual of collecting odd pieces of driftwood, amazing shells and other naturally washed-up items from the beach.

What started out as a hobby has now developed into a little home decor business from home.  A-Drift was born and Samantha and her hubby, Hylton, along with their two kids, have been busy bees creating custom driftwood designs.

Their art combines mostly driftwood and shells, but they have been finding some truly beautiful sea debris that has worked well on their wooden backgrounds and frames.  Whether it’s a ruggedly-framed name for your home or perhaps your surname you want to be displayed, or you have all those digital photos just screaming to be printed, A-Drift can create an original ocean-inspired piece for you.



While they long to fill the homes of Cape Town with their authentic home decor art, they are also looking to expand into guest houses and BNB’s, and you know how many there are in Cape Town!  The stats show that tourists gravitate towards accommodation that personifies its natural habitat.

From the foyer to the reception area and all the way into each room, they are fully equipped to produce a portfolio of beach-inspired wall artforms.  Again, the wonderful thing about their work is that no one piece will look like another as originality is key with A-Drift.home decor



There is always that one wall that looks quite lost in your home and is really just dead space.  Fill it with a mixture of wall art,  framed photos and home decor uniquely created by A-Drift.  If you send through a photo of the area and surrounding aesthetics, A-Drift will come up with a design, especially for that space.



Do you have an old mirror whose frame is looking a wee bit shabby?  Give it a new lease on life by having A-Drift create a back-to-nature driftwood frame for it.  Home decor will mean so much more to you after this!



home decorImagine presenting a friend or family member with a uniquely created A-Drift design?  They will surely remember it for a long time and worry that the pair of socks they got you just isn’t going to cut it this year!


The sky really is the limit with A-Drift designs and art pieces, so whatever your fancy is, they can create it.

Let the magic happen where the ocean meets the sand, with A-Drift authentic décor.

A-Drift is looking forward to your ideas – they can be contacted through their Facebook Page, Email or Samantha’s Cell +27 71 604 4757/Hylton’s Cell +27 82 867 2368

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