Helping your child’s brain grow

Did you know that 80% of the child’s brain develops in the first three years? Well that’s according to www.factsforlifeglobal.Org.

The brain of a child doubles in size in the first year, and by the age of three it has reached 80% of its adult volume.

Helping your child’s brain grow

Singing and dancing enhances the children’s growth.

Which will play a big role in the child’s life and the brain development when they’ve fully grown up.

Well, music is not just music to children, but it is the first pointer that shows the child’s readiness for school, which includes, intellectual, social, emotional language and literacy and brain development.

Playing music for your child is not bad at all because that is actually helping the child learn sounds and meaning of words.

Singing for your unborn baby

According to, mothers should sing to their unborn babies because the little bundle of joy inside you can actually hear the vibration of your voice “with no need for extra amplification”.

Not only that, but the baby bonds with you and your voice, which means that even when the baby is born.

Your voice will always be most important voice in their life and the easier one to identify anywhere and everywhere.

Advantages for children who sing

  1. They make friends easier,
  2. Children learn to work in a group,
  3.  Learn spelling through songs,
  4. Can make up songs by the things they are luckily to forget, and
  5. They have a better mood.


Article by Afikile Lugunya

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