Great reasons to cook with your kids

When it comes to raising kids, out want to make sure that they have as many enjoyable experiences as possible right?

Technology has made our kids content with high speed and sitting still, so as parents its our job to get their butts in gear and give them something stimulating to do that is fun and comes with its own kind of rewards.

That’s where cooking together comes in! Cooking with children can help give them confidence and help build their sensory experiences.

Here’s how to enjoy cooking with your kids!

Engage the other senses

Sometimes you will find that kids are hesitant to try new things, especially when it comes to food. Help your child build a positive association with food by getting them to engage with it on more than just a level of taste.

Kneading dough and rinsing vegetables gets them used to the texture of food, and during the cooking process your kid will get to enjoy the smell of the food and be tempted to sneak a bite or two in the process. They might become more curious and interested in tasting new foods in the future.

Raise smarter kids

A wide number of lessons can be learnt through cooking and learning how to cook. Math is introduced through measurements and portion sizes as they follow the recipe. Science is learnt by explaining the effect of different temperature while cooking certain foods and what certain foods provide for the body.

You can even expand your child’s language proficiency by teaching them new terms for cooking as you describe the taste and feel of the food. Your kids will also learn how to plan properly and divide tasks efficiently.

Cooking should be part of your culture

Making food together is a great way to teach your kid about your family’s heritage and culture. You can pass down old family recipes and traditional foods that are reminiscent of your homeland.

Get your child more involved in the process by encouraging them to add ingredients or spices to the recipe and make it their own.

Safety is important

While the kitchen can be fun it’s also a mild danger zone for curious kids. Stoves, knifes and various cooking tools can become a lot scarier in the hands of a child.

Make sure to teach your kids how to use tools in the kitchen safely and properly. Get them to wear oven mitts to protect their hands from heat, and how to properly switch off any appliances after using them.

Make sure you always have your eye on your kids when they are helping you in the kitchen. Give them age-appropriate tasks; younger children can handle washing fruits and vegetables a lot better than attempting to sauté anything over a hot pan.

Keep them in the loop

 Kids will enjoy the experience a lot more if you ask them their opinions and keep them involved in the cooking process.

Collaborate with the main and side dishes, ask them what they would like to eat and get them to help you out with the grocery list. You can share your tastes and preferences with your child, talk about the ingredients that go into the food and get them to give some critique on the taste and method of cooking.

You can make them feel like they are in charge of the meal by getting them to set the table. They will feel a lot more invested in meal times and become a lot happier knowing that everyone at the table is enjoying something that they helped make.

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