Great Fun and Adventure with the Original Live Escape Game at HintHunt – Africa


HintHunt Africa offers experiences that have a number of creative and problem solving challenges. Their Escape Rooms will have you enraptured and fully focused as you solve the conundrums you face, and navigate your way through a labyrinth of clues, riddles and puzzles to be able to escape the situation and to escape the theme with time to spare.

HintHunt has developed a range of immersive live experiences locally , which are great fun for children, families, friends and team building exercises.

Teams of two to six players are locked in a Themed Escape Room and challenged to solve all the clues and puzzles to enable them to escape before sixty minutes is up.

The experiences will test your logic and dexterity. Collaboration is the key, as your team gathers clues, solves puzzles, combines information, deciphers secret meanings and triggers hidden mechanisms.

It’s a great way to work together, combine your brain power, benefit from each other’s strengths, and remain cool.

Five HintHunt Escape Rooms

The Escape Plan.  You and your cell mates have to find the plan, left by previous inmates, to escape from a prison cell.

The Torpedo Game.  This involves locating your enemy who is lurking around, arm the torpedoes and be able to get to the surface before it’s too late.

The Cursed Treasure.  You are on a mission to recover lost treasure which is protected by an ancient spell.  You have to break the curse and escape, or risk being trapped forever.

The Old Hotel.  Uncover the truth about the suspicious disappearance of Mr. O, a prominent author, before the building is demolished.

Shipwreck.  You and your team have boarded a lost ship containing the Royal family’s stolen jewels.  You must recover the jewels before the approaching storm hits and sinks you and the ship forever..

A great and challenging outdoor experience is The Amazing Race. Here teams have to race around the V&A Waterfront navigating many of its iconic land marks while completing tasks and challenges.

Creating loads of fun and adventure, these experiences are fun, exciting and mind boggling.  They stimulate creative thinking and are ideal for building relationships and trust as well as team building skills and development training.

Contact Details

For more information or to make a booking call 076 187 2764 or email

HintHunt may be found at Watershed, 17 Dock Road, Victoria & Albert Waterfront, Cape Town.

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