Give your child a better chance to learn with Edublox


Edublox is a specialised reading and learning clinic, which is situated in many different regions of South Africa. It specialises in educational interventions to help children improve their reading, spelling, mathematics and learning abilities.

Struggling learners have difficulties understanding new information and are often let down by the automatic processes of the brain that helps people answer and learn.

With Edublox these learners have a chance to train their brains and learn and read faster and better.

Edublox goes above & beyond to help your child learn

Their classes and courses help address concentration, perceptual skills such as visual and auditory foreground-background, the many types of memory, logical thinking such as deductive and inductive reasoning, and reading, spelling vocabulary and comprehension.

Additional services on offer include the Mathblox classes, which covers all forms of mathematics for children from Grade 2 up to Grade 7. By the end of the course the children will have an in-depth understanding of the terminology used in maths, foundational math skills and the application of math in the form of curriculum-based exercises.

There is also an English language course as well as a Study Methods Course. The English language course is aimed at learners from Grade 3 and up, and covers vocabulary, spelling, reading, pronunciation and grammar.

The Study Methods Course will help your child pack in more learning with less time and teach them to study smarter, not harder.

A long history of success

This family business has been running for +35 years and has accumulated just as many years’ worth of experience in the educational field. Edublox has helped more than 150 000 people in approximately 40 countries.

They utilise tried and tested educational practises that are all based on established theories and quality control at all their franchises. Edublox has a 95% guaranteed success rate and promise that their long-standing results, which will benefit your child for years to come.

Not convinced? Edublox has over 680 testimonials on their website that describe recent success stories and the comments of proud and relieved parents, who have seen and experienced the changes that Edublox has made with their children’s education and learning abilities.

To find out more about Edublox and what they can do for your child, contact Edublox Port Elizabeth today on 041 581 1637, send an email or visit their website

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