For unique kids’ party experiences try Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding in Sundays River

Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding, Sundays River, Eastern Cape

Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding, Sundays River, Eastern Cape

So your child’s birthday party is coming up, and you are looking for an idea to make it awesome and memorable? For a fresh and unique party experience that your child and their friends will enjoy, try Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding at Sundays River.

The oldest river cruise company on the Sundays River, the team at Addo Cruises have the passion and experience to make sure you have a memorable experience as you cruise along the river.

To make sure the experience is perfect for you, you can customise to your requirements.

Host your kid’s next birthday party with Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding

Addo Cruises ferry boat can carry up to 30 people at a time and will even provide catering upon request. You can hire their boat out for parties and functions when they are not hosting their usual cruises. Two river cruise boats can be used for groups of up to 60 people.

Cruises along the river take about 2.5 hours so you can take in the beauty of the natural surroundings and local bird and fish life as you slowly cruise by. After a relaxing cruise along the river, your host/skipper will take you to one of the world’s largest coastal dune field systems where you can experience the wonderful scenery or the thrill of sand sledding.

All it takes is a short walk up one of the many dunes in the area, a quick listen to the instructions of your host/skipper and then off you go down the dunes on custom designed and built sand sleds – safe for all ages!

One of the more popular experiences offered by Addo Cruises is their sand sled down the ‘mineshaft’. This experience will bring you from the top of the dunes to the middle of the river, wearing a life jacket is mandatory for minors wanting to try this thrill.

The staff at Addo Cruises are attentive and caring, making sure that you and your children are safe and comfortable during the cruise down the river and slide down the dunes. You can also learn from the excursion as their experience and knowledge will teach you all about the area’s natural history.

To find out more about Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding and how they can help you throw an amazing party for your child, give them a call on 082 465 4391 or email Visit their website at Find them on Google Maps.

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