Dealing with Colds and Flu in the Warmer Months


Did you know respiratory illnesses can strike at any time of the year, including the warmer months?

Cepacol, the brand known for its sore throat lozenges and hot medication, offers guidance on how to deal with colds and flu in the spring and summer months.

Why Colds and Flu Can Still Occur in Warmer Weather

While it’s true that the viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in dry, cold conditions, scratchy throats, stuffy noses, and fevers can strike at any time of the year, even on a beautiful, sunny day.

The Importance of Prevention

The first step in dealing with colds and flu in warmer months is prevention.  Regular hand washing is one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help immune function and comes with other proven health benefits. This includes eating a balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, taking steps to prevent infections (such as regular hand washing and vaccines), and minimising stress.

How to Treat Colds and Flu

If you do catch a cold or the flu during the warmer months, treatment will be similar to what you would do during the winter.

Rest and hydration are crucial, with the latter even more critical in warmer weather when your body may be losing more fluids through sweating.

While your instinct may be to stay indoors, if your symptoms are mild and you’re feeling up to it, try to spend some time outside. Vitamin D, obtained from sunlight, plays an essential role in immune function.

How the Cepacol Cough & Cold Range Can Provide Relief

Cepacol understands the daily needs of individuals experiencing the seasonal sniffles, so they have developed comprehensive solutions. With various formats available, such as lozenges, throat sprays, medicated drinks, and syrups, Cepacol makes it convenient to find the perfect solution for your needs.

The Cepacol Cough & Cold range includes a variety of new products packed with multiple benefits:

1.      New Cepacol Cough & Cold Syrup: Offers targeted relief for a persistent cough, congestion, and sore throat. Formulated with ivy leaf and pelargonium, it provides cough relief while combating cold and flu symptoms with their antibacterial and antiviral properties. The non-drowsy formulation is alcohol-free, making it safe to be taken from the age of six.

2.      New Cepacol Plus Cough & Cold Syrup: Specifically designed for night-time relief, this syrup addresses two troublesome symptoms: coughing and nasal congestion. It combines ivy leaf, pelargonium, and valerian extract, offering night-time cough relief.

3.      New Cepacol Throat Spray: This throat spray combines ivy leaf, pelargonium, and menthol. It quickly numbs the throat, providing temporary pain and discomfort relief.

Cepacol understands the daily needs of individuals experiencing cold or flu symptoms, which is why they have developed these comprehensive solutions. With their range of products, there’s a Cepacol® option for everyone.

So, if you’re dealing with cold, cough, or flu symptoms, there’s a Cepacol for that!

Cepacol’s new range of products is now available at leading pharmacies and retailers nationwide. For more information, visit and join the conversation on Facebook.

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