Core Brain Development provides assistance with learning difficulties

Core Brain Development, situated in Port Elizabeth, is an exercise-based intervention for learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and Asperger Syndrome.

We base our programme on many years of research involving the Cerebellum. Recent research has suggested that the reason for learning and attention difficulties is due to the underdevelopment of the Cerebellum.

Parents tend to panic and look for anything that can help make things easier when their children start showing signs of struggling with school and learning certain subjects.

Thanks to Core Brain Development that parents have a way to help their children now

Though exercise-based stimulation of the brain is beneficial for any individual.

There is greater potential for development and progress for those with greater deficits.

By developing the Cerebellum, Core Brain Development can help ease the symptoms that people associate with learning difficulties, though this is not limited to those with defined areas of difficulty.

The programme can also help anyone improve their processing ability and maximize their potential.

As the efficiency of the cerebellum has improved,  we will be able to perform certain tasks with greater ease and control, enabling the Cerebrum to focus on higher thought processes so that it can perform its tasks with greater efficiency.

With Core Brain Development, you will start to see improvements in reading, writing, spelling, maths, as well as personal growth.

Verbal fluency, social and interpersonal skills, organisational skills, improved concept of time, time management, memory retention.

Sequencing, eating and sleeping patterns, fine motor skills and emotional well-being are all areas which the programme can help improve.

We do our exercises via Phone app or on a PC, and are also anywhere at any time for your convenience.

Core Brain has received feedback online so there is a record of the level of difficulty people experienced with the exercises and upgraded accordingly.

The programme is specially made for each individual.

We’ve seen great improvements, especially in the areas of greatest weakness although the strengths will also improve.

The Programme duration is a year to 18 months with follow up assessments every 6-8 weeks.

Our exercises are relatively done to improvements in results, to ensure constant stimulation and ongoing development of the Cerebellum.

Feel like Core Brain Development is just what you need? You can contact Dione by calling 041 811 9000 or 083 352 5167 today.


By Jesica Slabbert

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