CloudSquad is a great new App for managing schools, clubs and teams


CloudSquad is a specialized software system that has been developed by Arksoft to make the management of schools, clubs, societies and teams easy and simple.

Anybody who has been in a management or administration position of an organization with lots of members or learners (not to mention their parents!), know how difficult it is to keep track of payments, statements, attendance and, of course, notices.

This has become particularly difficult since 2020 thanks to the coronavirus and paperwork being discarded wherever possible in favour of electronic communication.

Objective of CloudSquad

Ruan Swanepoel, Project Director at Arksoft, says “CloudSquad has been developed to assist with the management of organizations that have a large number of students or members. Our objective was to develop a tool that can be used anywhere, any time and from any device.”

 “We believe that the users of CloudSquad should be able to focus on what they enjoy most – teaching and training, and not have to spend an inordinate amount of time on administration,” adds Ruan.

Setup and cost of CloudSquad

CloudSquad can be accessed through their website and, although it runs like an App and looks like an App, it is actually a website.

Once you have registered on CloudSquad, it is simple and easy to setup with a step-by-step help function integrated into the setup process.  Click here to see all the features.

Once you have structured the system to your needs it only takes a few minutes to perform your weekly or monthly administration and, of course, the system tracks all your communication and financial records.

If you have an organization that requires specialized or unique applications, Arksoft will gladly assist with custom made modifications to the software.

There are four pricing options that depend on the number of students or members in your organization.  Click here to find out more.

Best of all there is a two month free trial period.

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