Christmas games to play with the kids

With Christmas around the corner you are going to have to deal with very excited and energetic children. Well to keep them occupied before they get to the act of ripping apart carefully put together wrapping and playing with their presents, you can play a few festive games with them to calm them down.

Here are a few fun Christmas games to play with your kids this festive season:

Christmas charades

Pass the present is always a game played at any kind of party, a true classic.

Ah charades, the age-old party game that frustrates and excites many. Play this game with the whole family, sticking to traditional Christmas themes, and see who comes out as the king of charades!

It’s always more fun when kids try to guess what you are since they have the wildest imaginations.

Decorate some Christmas cookies

Plenty of fun and a little messy to be sure, getting your kids involved in decorating the Christmas snacks will make them feel more involved and proud of their artistic works.

And if you want to make it a little more interesting, make it a competition and give a reward to the person with the prettiest cookie.

Though in the end as long as you come out with a delicious cookie, everyone’s a winner!

Guess what’s in the Christmas stocking 

A fun little guessing game for the kids, fill a Christmas stocking with random items from around the house and see if your kids can guess what each one is. Try to pick items that have unusual edges so that your kids have to think a little about what each item is.

Play the memory game    

The memory game is always a fun party game for the kids. Place a few items in front of them, give them a few seconds to remember the items, then blindfold them and ask them what all the items were.  And since this is the Christmas edition, place products in front of them that have to do with the festive season.



Pin the nose on Rudolph 

You’ve heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, well now you have Pin the Nose on Rudolph!

The same rules apply; have your little cut-out Rudolph stuck on the wall and have his beautiful red nose with prestick in hand. Then blindfold the competitor, spin them around and have them try to find the elusive Rudolph and put his nose back in place.

Santa Says  

If you’ve ever played the game Simon Says, Santa Says is simply a festive version of the same game.

So whoever has the honour of playing Santa first, put on your Christmas hat and boss the little elves around until there is only one.

Make it more festive by asking them to perform Christmassy tasks.

Pass the present 

Pass the present is always a game played at any kind of party, A true classic

The rules are simple; wrap present in a multitude of layers of wrapping paper, everyone at the Christmas party sits in a circle, have some Christmas music playing in the background which is  switched off at random times by a parent. When the music stops the person holding the present must unwrap one of the layers.

This process continues until the person unwraps the very last layer and reaches the present – which they then get to keep!

Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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