Affordable holiday and party vouchers (or coupons) available on Bargain Buys

bargain buys

As all parents know, raising kids as expensive.  Dinner for two is affordable but for four it becomes expensive.  As most hotels are geared to sell accommodation for pairs, taking three or four or five on holiday becomes exponentially more expensive.

If you’re finding your entertainment costs skyrocketing then you need to visit Bargain Buys.  This is a voucher, daily deal or coupon, online discount store that offers hugely discounted holidays, restaurant meals, spa visits as well as a host of discounted fun activities online.

Bargain Buys only works with reputable service providers.

Graeme Lund, owner and developer of Bargain Buys, says, “Our customers trust that whatever we have on offer on Bargain Buys will not only be very good value for money but also provide a good service or product.”

Discount vouchers or coupons for birthday parties

In recent months Bargain Buys has begun offering vouchers for kids birthday parties.  These packages can vary from venue rental only to a complete package of venue, activities and catering.

From paintball to animal touch farms, from indoor to outdoor and for boys and gilrs, there is something for everyone.

Family holidays

If you enjoy taking your kids out of town for a weekend or an extended holiday then be sure to checkout what Bargain Buys has to offer.

From camp sites to five star hotels, from resorts to one night stays, this site has a host of accommodation packages country wide.

To find out more about Bargain Buys call 0861 636 845, email them at or visit them at

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