Who are The SA Childcare Association?

The SA Childcare Association launched on 31 October 2015 and has its Head Office in Pretoria.

2017 marked a very important “joining of hands” as the Managing Director of SACC appointed Leisel Petrie, Owner and Principal of Incredible Kids Daycare, also winner of Regional Business Achiever Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 by the Eastern Cape Business Women’s Association, as the official Representative for the SA Childcare Association in the Eastern Cape.

SA Childcare deals with the total registration / re-registration process on behalf of nursery schools, crèches and after-school centres. We provide all documents and work through the list of requirements regarding this application. This is a comprehensive process and includes many administrative functions.

The Administration and management of this application can be a time-consuming process. As specialists in the field, it will be handled in total on your behalf. After we have dealt with and completed your application, we submit it to the Department of Social Development to ensure that the application is in order.

This inadvertently opens doors for all of our Eastern Cape Schools to officially register with the Department of Social Development, having SACC Offices now in Port Elizabeth with representation who can assist with the processes and help schools to come into alignment with the stipulations as required and set out by the Department of Social Development.

Registration / Re – Registration of Nursery Schools under the amended Children’s Act (Act 38 of 2005)

According to the Government Gazette (Vol. 538, Pretoria, April 1, 2010, No.33076) the Children’s Act (Act 38 of 2005) has been amended in such a way that all nursery schools, crèches and after-school centres have to re-register / register with the Department of Social Development of their province. This had to happen within a period of 5 years (from 01 February 2010 – 31 March 2015).

Business Coaching

Assisting your business to reach its full potential! Planning, marketing and good management will make your business more viable and financially successful.

Business coaching focuses on the development and growth of all aspects of your Nursery School.


SA Childcare Association and offers a number of courses to not only SACC Members, but to all schools and/or corporates who would like to do the training.

We cover a number of very important aspects relating to safe and effective child care through the Childcare Courses, of which there are currently 5 – Childcare Worker 101, 202, 303, 404 and 505.

We also offer NQF Level 4 which is done on a correspondence basis, with Formal and Summative Assessments being done at the school where the student is working. Form 2020, students will also be able to complete the NQF Level 5 on this basis.

Other accredited courses offered are:

  • Basic fire fighting
  • Paediatric First Aid Level 1

 Herewith Training Dates for 2018 in the Eastern Cape:

SA Childcare Association – How We Help You…

Your membership is vital to help you grow and to help us advocate on behalf of Partial Care Centres who care for South Africa’s children!

Parent/enrolment Benefits

  • Parents will be more inclined to enrol their children in a School where there is:
    • minimum requirement and schools subscribe to certain general norms and standards
    • the School is not a “Lone Ranger” but belongs to an organised Association.
  • Parents will use our Website search function to search for Association Nursery Schools in all areas, and your school will be listed
  • Parent and Schools will feel safe and protected by our Complaints Policy and independent Ombuds Committee
  • Child and parent training in practical topics e.g. Parenting, Bully Proofing, Discipline, Anger management etc.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to make any enquiries:

Leisel Petrie / Elsie Viviers

041 367 4372 / 061 588 2367


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