Little Girl with Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Playmates

By Janet Bands – Teacher and Mentor Cell: 072 688 6800 Do you often hear your pre-school child or your friend’s or family’s pre-school child talking to an Imaginary friend (made-up person?) To you or […]

Teach Children About Consent

Teach your kids about consent

Author: Dr Steve Buys – Marriage and Family Therapist 1. Teach children to ask permission before touching or embracing a playmate. Use language such as, “Sarah, let’s ask Joel if he would like to hug bye-bye.” […]

Sleep Walking Child

Night Wandering

By Janet Bands Leaving his/her bed and wandering around the house at night, is a habit which the child develops early and which can last for years. The two year old who has learned how […]

Babies & Pregnant Moms

To try baby-led weaning or not?

By Shelley Heunis Introducing solids is such an exciting time for the whole family, but it’s also a much debated and spoken about topic amongst mothers. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that at around […]