Separation anxiety

By Dr Steve Buys – Marriage and Family Therapist Many parents worry that they love their children too much and that their children may thus become clingy and needy. One of the best measures of […]

Activities & Hobbies

From forest to form

Many children nowadays spend too much time looking at a screen. Teachers often complain that the kids of today lack muscle condition because of all the time they spend seated in front of a cell […]

Getaways & Accommodation

Countryside escape

It was during the recent Easter holidays that my family and I found ourselves at Ouma’s Farmhouse, situated in the pristine Garden Route countryside, along the Seven Passes Road, between George and Knysna. We were […]

Getaways & Accommodation

On a farm, next to the Elephants

“At night, you can hear the lion roar and when the hyenas hoot and laugh, our dogs get very agitated,” laughs Natalie Groenhof, one of the managers of Stellenhof Farm Stay. This amazing dairy farm […]