Hear Clearly Group

Enhance your hearing – Enrich your life. Moms, if you are worried about hearing loss after ear infections, worried that your child struggles in class because of poor hearing, or simply want their hearing ability on record, we now offer the service. For more information contact us on 041 360 9304 or visit our website

Eye and Laser Institute

No Matter how simple or complex your child’s surgery, we understand that, no procedure is small when it involves your child and we are committed to making your experience as well as that of our young patient as positive as possible. For more information contact us on 041 373 0682 0r visit our website

Azarel Health and Body Specialists

Innovative Treatments for reducing  Stress, improving your health & Wellbeing, reduction in fat, cellulite and reshaping the body all under ONE roof. We too offer state of the art innovative natural medical treatments for pain, inflamation, food allergies and intolerances as well as balancing the body mind and soul. For more information contact us on 041 363 8282 or send us an email or visit our website


Core Brain Development

We help children improve on the following areas, *poor reading, *poor handwriting, *spelling, *math, *hyperactivity, *clumsiness, *poor coordination, *concentration, *poor memory, *poor social skills and low self-esteem.  For more information contact us on 041 811 900 or send us an email.