Curves – Vincent

Curves, fun gym place where you exercise and get fit while having fun.  We promote a healthy lifestyle and that is why you should come and experience our new classes for yourself, look great and feel great. For more info contact us on 043 727 1138



Dr Steve Buys Specialist Counsellor

Specialises in child and youth Counselling, Marriage and family, Trauma Debriefing, PTSD, Grief counselling, Addiction, Depression and also emotional and bereavement counselling.  For more info contact us on 084 746 1301 or email us



Dynamic Life Dieticians

We offer nutrition counselling and advice with easy meal plans and lunchbox ideas for parents/ caregivers of children with the following conditions; obesity, picky eating, poor growth, chronic constipation, allergies and more. For more info contact us on 082 390 9036  or email us.



Pilates with Catherine Daniels

Pilates can be seen as your body ‘insurance’ plan. It is highly recommended by and often referred by physios, gynaes, biokinetists and chiropractors. Pilates is a focused form of exercise used for strengthening, rehabilitation, bringing balance to the body’s musculature. For more info contact us on 082 633 7529.


Lime Fusion

Lime Fusion, organic living and natural goodness; food, treats, freshly squeezed juices, superfood smoothies, teas, coffee, raw honey, kombucha, cleaning products, baby products, facial care and hair care.  For more info contact us on 043 727 1266



The Firm – Slimming & Health Clinic

We offer sessions on our EMS machine (Body Tone), Easy to follow, well balanced eating plan, weekly weigh-in and measurements.  Summer bodies are made in winter. For more info contact us on 043 748 4420  or email us




An eye examination is a series of tests performed by an optometrist to assess one’s vision and ability to focus and discern objects. Other tests and examinations pertaining to the eyes and vision are also performed during an eye test to determine if there are any pre-existing or potential vision problems. For more info contact us on 043 705 6900