Goody Gum Drops

We provide quality childcare and education.  Whilst learning through play, children will explore, discover, challenge, stimulate, and inspire!  Some of the aspects we look at are Health and self-care, communication and language, listening and attention and more.  For more info contact us on 071 9321 380 or find us on Facebook


Buffalo City Homework Centre

We assist learners with homework lifting the homework burden off working parents. We also prepare leaners for tests, exams, projects and provide access to resource material. For more info contact us on 079 516 9949 or email


  Embroidery World

Quality Embroider of school badges & corporate logos, we will embroider your child’s name on their school clothing, bags & book bags. For more information contact 043 726 6856 or email



The Honey Tree Educare

We offer a secure & loving homely school environment for kids between the ages of 15 months-4 years, let the kids learn, discover and play in a safe and loving environment. For more info contact us on 083 530 8199  or email us



The Clever Feathers

We imagine, create, build and inspire kids with craft projects creating crafts that kids love to play with and even birthday gifts.  For more info contact us on email . For more info email us



Active Eyes

Health and fitness, lifestyle, medical practitioners, services and suppliers, optometrists, visual training skills and movement programme for kids. For more info contact us on 083 555 8661 email us



Beneath the Trees Pre-School

A happy place for children, where children are encouraged through careful guidance and fun activities, emotionally, creatively (with art, music & drama) & physically through active play, cognitively and socially so that they are developed to their fullest potential, but at their own pace. For more info contact us on 043 742 4990 email us



Tina Cowley – Reading Centre

We understand that a learning problem is a reading problem.
Some of these issues are related to phonological processing, letter recognition, speech and language problems. These are some of the issues we address at our reading centres. For more info contact us on 083 372 5892 email us


Kip McGrath

The Kip McGrath program allows children to progress at their own pace. All children are on individual education programs and receive individual attention so they avoid that rushed feeling.  We offer extra classes for children struggling with Maths, English and Afrikaans from grade 1 to grade 12. For more info contact us on 043 743 7323 vist our website